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  • Reflecting on a Work Anniversary

    I’ve been the technical editor for agileconnection.com for the past five years. It popped up to my LinkedIn network. Several people congratulated me on my work anniversary. I have learned many things in the past five years: Sometimes, people need “permission” to write what they ...

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  • Improve Writing Quality with Speaking & Storyboarding

    For a decade, I supervised undergrads and grad students as they were completing writing projects: term papers, semester projects, and of course — capstone projects and thesis work. Today, I’m responsible for editing the work of (and mentoring) junior colleagues. The main lesson I&rsqu...

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  • Agile Practice Guide Interview with Mike Griffiths

    Last year, I was part of a geographically distributed team who wrote the Agile Practice Guide. Shane Hastie interviewed us during Agile 2017. His interview (which was a ton of fun!) is here: Johanna Rothman and Mike Griffiths on the Agile Alliance/PMI Agile Practice Guide. I learned a ton fr...

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  • Writing Workshop 2: Secrets of Successful Non-Fiction Writers

    Do you struggle with engaging people with your writing? Do people ever ignore your writing? Do you have trouble publishing on a regular basis? Do conferences ignore your abstracts even though you have compelling content? You’re not selling your ideas to people who need them. If you have any...

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  • Registration Open for January 2017 Writing Workshops

    If you are thinking about writing more or better for next year, take a look at my writing workshops. I am offering Writing Workshop 1: Write Non-Fiction to Enhance Your Business and Reputation again, so you can learn how to create a daily writing habit, write in small chunks, and start to publish...

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  • What I’ve Been Writing Lately

    You might have noticed I have not written as much in this blog for the past couple of months as I normally do. That’s because I’ve been involved in another writing project that’s taken a ton of my time. I’m part of the writing team for the Agile Practice Guide. The Guide i...

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  • Announcement: Additional Writing Workshop

    I have enough people in the Writing Workshop 1: Write Non-Fiction to Enhance Your Business and Reputation to add a second section. You are right for this workshop if: You are thinking about writing more You want to improve your writing You want to develop a regular habit of writing If a b...

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  • Virtual Workshops Registration Open

    I offer three online workshops for your writing and product ownership pleasure. All three are open for registration. Practical Product Owner: Deliver What Your Customers Value and Need Workshop (Q2 session starts May 8, 2017) Writing Non-Fiction Workshop 1: Enhance Your Business and Reputati...

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  • 5 Things I’ve Learned About Creativity

    I never planned to be a writer. In fact, it was something I actively avoided. As a publishing CEO, I felt it was important to steer clear of the creative process. When business side people start inserting themselves into creative work, it usually leads to trouble. So I focused on supporting other...

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  • The Simple Leader: Journal

    This is an excerpt from The Simple Leader: Personal and Professional Leadership at the Nexus of Lean and Zen The discipline of writing something down is the first step toward making it happen. – Lee Iacocca As you become more mindful of yourself and your world and formally reflect on t...

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