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  • Spaghetti Diagram: Eliminating the Redundancies of Flow

      Untangling the twists and turns of workflow in a process can be frustrating. Have you ever tried to visualize the flow of a process, from start to finish? In most organizations, it can be convoluted and complex. The goal, of course, of any workflow, it to try and use the most direct flow ...

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  • 5 Benefits of Standard Work

    Standard work is a common practice used by many who apply lean and Six Sigma into their workflow, and it has many benefits that can be realized by pretty much every organization out there. It’s important to study the implications of standard work and consider its integration into your own ...

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  • Focus on a Single Project or Spread Your Attention Across Multiple Ones

    If you’re following a system for continuous improvement, you probably always have at least one project on your hands. Juggling multiple different large-scale tasks can be a challenging ordeal, especially if the requirements for some of them keep changing on a regular basis. And on the other...

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  • What is Tolerance Analysis?

    No mechanical design is perfect in the long run, and sooner or later failures are going to start presenting themselves. There are many ways to account for that, from making the product as sturdy as possible in order to ensure that it survives for some critical amount of time, to ensuring that whe...

    Tags: Business, analytical approach, basic principle of tolerance analysis, methodology, product, tolerance analysis, workflow

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  • 3 Best Practices to Reduce Changeover Time

    Reducing the changeover time in your main production practices is a great way to ensure that more time is spent contributing to productive tasks, and that a minimal amount of waste is generated in the course of the job. There are many ways to approach this problem, and the solution would ultimat...

    Tags: Business, organization, reduce change over time, SMED, workflow

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  • Can Lean Six Sigma Principles Improve Clinical Research?

    Clinical research is a constantly evolving field, and one of the areas that sees the most rapid development and interest from all sides. It makes sense that new methodologies would come up on a regular basis, building on what we’ve learned and improving the current system in certain ways. ...

    Tags: Business, Lean Manufacturing, adopting lean, clinical research, continuous improvement, lean work, reducing result delivery times, reliable data, six sigma, workflow

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  • The Utility of Using Kanban Swim Lanes

    The Utility of Using Kanban Swim Lanes Kanban is a great tool to visualize your business’ workflow, but the typical column-only configuration might sometimes lack the desired depth, depending on your circumstances. Kanban is designed to be efficient, and to force teams to prioritize and con...

    Tags: Business, Kanban, Lean Manufacturing, implementation, kanban, kanban implementation, kanban swim lanes, swim lanes, WIP limit, WIP limits, WIP quota, work in progress, workflow

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  • What Are the Principles of Kanban and Why Do They Work?

    What Are the Principles of Kanban and Why Do They Work? Kanban is both one of the simplest and most efficient tools to manage workflow in a visual way. It’s one of the important tools used in more complex process improvement methodologies (such as Lean), and its wide-spread adoption is a te...

    Tags: Kanban, Lean Manufacturing, approach, continuous improvement, flow, kanban, kanban board, kanban implementation, principles of kanban, productivity, visualize, WIP, WIP limitation, work in progress, workflow

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  • How Do I Know When I’m Ready to Implement Kanban?

    How Do I Know When I’m Ready to Implement Kanban? Before implementing a new tool or a new methodology, you need to make sure you are ready to do it well. If you are not ready for it, you risk doing more damage than good, and implementing something like Kanban improperly might actually hind...

    Tags: Kanban, Lean Manufacturing, CFDs, implement kanban, implementing kanban, kanban board, kanban cards, kanban implementation, karban cards, methodology, pdca, pdca cycle, swim lanes, WIP limits, workflow

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  • PDSA vs DMAIC: When to Use Each Problem Solving Technique

    There are various techniques that can be used to drive process improvement and solve problems in your organization’s workflow. Some are more complex than others, and some require a specific set of circumstances for their use to really make sense. In any case, it’s important for you as...

    Tags: Business, dmaic, PDSA, workflow

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