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  • Will a job in management make you happy?

    Job satisfaction is so important when it comes to happiness at work. Some people, such as myself, are happiest in a worker bee position – happy to be part of the team and to do their part. Others, however, want a little bit more and this often means that they want to move up the […] ...

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  • Four questions to think about before starting a business

    I’ve worked my fair share of jobs and I’ve felt differently about each one. Some I liked, some I tolerated, and some work I downright hated. One thing that’s been universal though is that I’ve never felt fully satisfied. It’s not that I didn’t like the work, it...

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  • Lessons from the Earth: Finding balance between humanity and our robot overlords

    Wearing one of my many hats, I attend and speak at a lot of API (application programming interface) conferences. This aspect of the tech industry has a wonderful community — perhaps because it is just the tech that’s bringing people, services and especially other tech together. But th...

    Tags: How to be happy at work, Work Life Balance Tips, ai, APIdays, artificial intelligence, chatbots, how to find a job you love, industrial age, job risk, karel capek, machine learning, Mike Amundsen, mother nature, robot overlords, robots, second machine age, stephen hawking, work-life balance

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  • How Organizations Can Improve Work-life Balance Right Now

    Work-life balance is defined by some as prioritizing between work (career and ambition) and lifestyle (health, pleasure, family and spiritual development). There is an immediate problem with this definition as it compartmentalizes people’s lives in a, frankly, unrealistic and unde...

    Tags: project management, Systems Thinking, systems view of the world, Theory of Constraints, ethics, Meetings, network of project, work-life balance

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  • Sheryl Sandberg’s, Lean In, Pushes Women Into the Future

    This month at Happy Melly we’re delving into the Future of Management – challenging individuals, companies and leaders to assess their current practices and look at things from a different perspective. And so I thought what better way to contribute to April’s challenge, than by ...


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  • Six TED Talks that will teach you how to be happy at work

    This is our month of “how-to’s.” Each blogpost in July and each of our weekly happiness challenges has focused on how to accomplish something — from the practicalities of how to run a small business to learning how to trust yourself. I’m even rounding out the mo...

    Tags: How to be happy at work, Weekly Happiness Challenge, revolutionary innovation, Shoel Perelman, TED talks, work-life balance

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  • Hiking to exchange occupational burnout for happiness at work

    Most jobs these days find you inside an office, staring at a screen all day. Whether you enjoy the work you do or not, being stuck indoors at a computer 40 hours a week can be draining; so draining that when you get home all you want to do is sit inside, scrolling on your […] Original: ...

    Tags: Weekly Happiness Challenge, Work Life Balance Tips, hiking, occupational burnout, team-building activity, work-life balance

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  • Radically Rethinking How to Improve Work-Life Balance

    Is it possible to find that elusive work-life balance so many seek? We think that’s the wrong question. However, there is something you can do to focus your energies on what you truly need. It works for organizations, and it can work for individuals too.  I want it all, and I wan...

    Tags: Systems Thinking, systems view of the world, Theory of Constraints, conflict cloud, mental models, needs, work-life balance

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  • Podcast, Challenge Week: Combatting Burnout & Workaholism

    For this month’s special Happy Melly Challenge episode we’re talking about how to detect and combat workaholism and how to avoid burnout. Have a listen to more of our more insightful podcasts and subscribe on iTunes and Stitcher so you get the latest...

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  • How to Create an Optimal Employee Engagement Survey That Gets Results

    There’s no doubt that employee satisfaction leads to better performance, maybe even leading to a 12 percent increase in productivity. But that doesn’t mean that measuring employee engagement and happiness at work is simple. After all, satisfaction is far from a science. Employee surve...

    Tags: Employee Engagement Exercises, employee engagement exercises, employee engagement survey, employee feedback, employee motivation, employee satisfaction survey, How to be happy at work, work-life balance, workplace happiness survey

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