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  • Quality 4.0 and Digital Transformation

    The fourth industrial revolution is characterized by intelligence: smart, hyperconnected agents deployed in environments where humans and machines cooperate to achieved shared goals — and using data to generate value. Quality 4.0 is the name we give to the pursuit of performance excellence ...

    Tags: competitiveness, innovation, Internet of Things (IoT), quality, Quality Systems, Technology Management, business model innovation, digital transformation, LinkedIn, management, Quality 4.0, value

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  • Continuous Planning Article Posted

    I have a new article up on projectmanagement.com, Continuous Agile Program Planning: Think Big, Plan Small. It’s about how to use rolling wave planning especially for an agile program. If you are a Product Owner or you are responsible for planning what when, and want to learn how to do...

    Tags: MPD, product ownership, agile, continuous planning, lean, value

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  • Rethinking Component Teams for Flow

    A couple of weeks ago, I spoke locally about Manage Your Project Portfolio. Part of the talk is about understanding when you need project portfolio management and flowing work through teams. One of the (very sharp) fellows in the audience asked this question: As you grow, don’t you need com...

    Tags: MPD, portfolio management, agile, agile management, cost of delay, expert, flow efficiency, lean, management, product ownership, resource efficiency, value

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  • Thinking About PMO Productivity

    In Manage Your Project Portfolio, I’m agnostic about who manages the project portfolio. I prefer that the managers responsible for the strategy make the project portfolio decisions. And, I recognize that the PMO often makes those decisions. I am doing a series of webinars with TransparentC...

    Tags: MPD, portfolio management, flow efficiency, project management, value

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  • From Tasks to Stories with Value

    I’m almost at the end of the January Practical Product Owner workshop. One of the participants has a problem I’ve seen before. They have a backlog of work, and it’s all tasks. Not a story in sight. I understand how that happens. Here are some ways I’ve seen the tasks-not-s...

    Tags: MPD, product ownership, agile, user stories, value

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  • Visualize Your Work So You Can Say No

    Most people I know—even the people supposedly using agile—have too much work to do. You have project work. You have support work, formal for customer support or sales, and informal for your colleagues. You have reports to write or file, time cards to fill out, or other periodic events...

    Tags: MPD, portfolio management, agile, kanban, lean, personal kanban, value, WIP limits

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  • Why I Use a Paper Kanban Board

    My most recent post about how to Visualize Your Work So You Can Say No showing a couple of different kanbans was quite popular. Several people ask me how I use my personal kanban. I use paper. Here’s why I don’t use a tool: I am too likely to put too much into a tool. I put a...

    Tags: MPD, project management, agile, kanban, lean, value, WIP limits

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  • Using Kanban to Manage Scarce Project Resources

    Using Kanban to Manage Scarce Resources Kanban is one of those tools that is simple yet powerful. It’s very easy to understand and to work with, and its visual nature allows for clearer communication between team members and teams, and makes finding problems obvious for everybody invol...

    Tags: Kanban, Lean Manufacturing, kanban, kanban board, lean, lean thinking, mange, scarce resources, swimlane, swin lanes, using kanban, value

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  • Highlight Risks When Reporting Defects

    A reader asked me this question: “How do I report on the 1000 (or so) defects in our system? I have 10 minutes on the status call.” If you are working on a legacy application where the team was not able—for any number of reasons—to maintain technical excellence, you might ...

    Tags: MPD, project management, defect, influence, leadership, risk, value

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  • How Agile Creates and Manages WIP Limits

    As I’m writing the agile project management book, I’m explaining how agile creates and manages WIP (Work in Progress) Limits. Iteration-based agile manages WIP by estimating what you can do in an iteration. You might count points. Or, you use my preference, which is to count the ...

    Tags: agile, MPD, agile project management, lean, project management, value, WIP limits

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