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  • Systems, Value, Flow and Respect

    Part of the mindset of thinking Lean is seeing and understanding your practice as a collection of systems. Individually, they seem appropriate and functional. However, many times our systems unintentionally “bump” into each other. When this happens, chaos and wastes can result.Conside...

    Tags: Flow, Just In Time (JIT), Resources, Respect, Standardized Work, Systems, Takt time, Value

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  • The Law of Interconnected Waste

    I have been reading (re-reading) Lean Daily Management for Healthcare by Brad White. I was very impressed by the book the first time through, and am learning even more this time. This excerpt from the book concerns the relationships between waste, value, your staff and financial rewards...

    Tags: Brad White, Customers, Engagement, lean daily management, PDCA Cycle, PDSA Cycle, Quality, The Law of Interconnected Waste, Value, Waste

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  • Value in an Age of Endless Innovation

    By Pascal Dennis (bio)Enterprise, in all its glorious variety, cacophony & unpredictability begins and ends with value.We seek to create products, services, experiences…that elevates our fellow human beings, that make their lives easier or more enjoyable, that reduce hassle and free up...

    Tags: Innovation, Kano's model, Toyota, Value

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