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  • Ask Art: “Do lean conversions actually go smoothly, like in the books?”

    Art Byrne receives many inquiries from people wondering whether lean transformations really are as smooth as they seem in books, or if the way is pockmarked with problems. He sets the record straight in this latest installment of "Ask Art." Original: https://www.lean.org/lp/783 By: Art B...

    Tags: foundamentals, sustainability, Resistance, transformation

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  • Export anything to a friendly country except American management

    One of the reasons quotes by W. Edwards Deming are so popular is that he had an incredible understanding of the practice of management. Another reason they are popular is he had a sense of humor that was captured well in several popular quotes. This quote is included on the back of The Deming Ma...

    Tags: Dr. Deming, psychology, business, change, culture, important, management, quotes, transformation

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  • Transformation: How to Apply SoPK

    Transformation: How to Apply the System of Profound Knowledge (SoPK) presentation by Tripp Babbit at our 2015 research conference. Tripp also moderates our Deming Institute podcast.   Tripp discusses Kurt Lewin’s change model: unfreezing – overcoming “interim” ...

    Tags: system of profound knowledge, video, change, transformation

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  • Why You Should Think of Lean Tools as Frames

    Michael Ballé, co-author of the recent book "The Lean Strategy" with Dan Jones, Orry Fiume, and Jacques Chaize; discusses why it's time to think of lean tools as frames for learning. Original: https://www.lean.org/lp/778 By: Michael BalléPosted: August 24, 2017, 12:00 am

    Tags: foundamentals, lean leadership, transformation

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  • Respect for People: Lean’s Forgotten Third Pillar?

    We often speak about the two pillars of the Toyota or Lean system, and when doing so we think of the two well-known pillars of just-in-time (JIT) and built-in quality (jidoka). JIT thereby focuses on manufacturing only the necessary products, at the necessary time, in the necessary quantity by de...

    Tags: Autonomy, Continual Improvement, Culture, kaizen, Leadership, Lean Temple, Muda, respect, teamwork, transformation, waste

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  • Treating Lean Psychosis

    The treatment of people with severe mental illness often means locking them away in large, impersonal facilities or letting them bounce between short stays at in-patient units at major hospitals, followed by a rapid decline of functioning sometimes resulting in homelessness, then back again. Thi...

    Tags: Basic Excellence, Beyond Manufacturing, gemba, lean, mental illness, psychosis, transformation

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  • Leveraging the Path of Least Resistance for Organizations

    Which path is the easiest way to get from A to B? The path of least resistance, one that provides the least resistance to forward motion among a set of alternative paths. Look at the way raindrops make their way down a window, for instance. The path of least resistance is a familiar concept from ...

    Tags: Systems Thinking, systems view of the world, Theory of Constraints, decalogue, Deming, dynamic systems, path of least resistance, transformation

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  • Hierarchy: Transforming into Something that Works Better

        Traditional style hierarchies are no longer appropriate for today’s markets. Our world is changing too fast and the prevailing style of management that creates silos cannot react quickly enough. What is a realistic alternative? We receive a wealth of comments and questions ...

    Tags: project management, Systems Thinking, systems view of the world, Theory of Constraints, Deming, Goldratt, hierarchy, interdependencies, organization, transformation

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  • It Starts Within: The Lean Journey of CI&T

    The lean transformation of Brazilian tech company CI&T was unique in that it began with an implementation of hoshin kanri. In this interview from the 2017 Lean Transformation Summit, CI&T founders Bruno Guicardi and Cesar Gon explain why this was the best approach for them. Original: h...

    Tags: lean and society, transformation, lean leadership

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  • Purpose and Brand: What’s the Difference?

    We’re just back from 5 weeks in Europe and plenty of new input from clients and conversations with universities. We’ll be reporting back on all that. One of the themes that comes up regularly in our work is that of purpose. This is because we generally start a relationship with a new...

    Tags: Systems Thinking, systems view of the world, Theory of Constraints, brand, holistic organization, organization, purpose, transformation

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