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  • Connecting with Humans

    I just read Zappos is struggling with Holacracy because humans aren’t designed to operate like software. I’m not surprised. That’s because we are humans who work with other human people. I want to talk with people when I want to talk with them, not when some protocol tells ...

    Tags: management, MPD, geographically distributed teams, human, respect, team building, teams, teamwork

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  • We Wish People Enjoyed Their Work More - Let's Work on That!

      Since the earliest days of my career, I’ve been fascinated by the reasons why people are upset with their jobs or are miserable at work. I’ve often been saddened that people spend so many hours and such a high percentage of their lives in a workplace they don’t like. I&...

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  • How Can We Turnaround Dysfunctional Teams?

    Assuming a new position in a Company is never easy. Everyone in the Company knows that Leadership (and extended) Team is vital to achieving success Yet, this is not always the case. Often, new executives get to face dysfunctional, non-performing, and poorly organized “team inheritances.&rdq...

    Tags: Management & Leadership, leadership, team building, team development, team work

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  • Being Disrupted by Digital Natives? Empower Small Teams Using Agile Techniques to Remain Competitive

    Digital natives are threatening the way traditional organizations do business.  The dated authoritative structures and imposing mindsets of the executives of traditional companies are in stark contrast to today’s technology-savvy startups and digital-native companies. Traditional firms...

    Tags: Management & Leadership, Organization, Change, & HR, Agile, leadership, team building

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  • Leading the Managers and Managing the Leaders

    It’s rare to attend a course about leadership and don’t find a traditional activity about “What are the differences between a leader and a manager?” Then, groups start finding out those differences. So what? While pursuing my MBA, I had two elective modules to go for so I ...

    Tags: Management & Leadership, leaders, leadership, managers, team building

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  • Creating an Environment of Teamwork

    A colleague asked my opinion on the various teambuilding activities she was considering for a new-to-agile team, to help them get to know each other and work together. All the activities she considered were simulations of various kinds. I suggested she reconsider the simulations and focus on the ...

    Tags: agile, MPD, nobbing, pairing, swarming, team building, transition to agile

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  • 29 Innovation Activities for Your Next Ideation

    I often get asked what activities a team should do in ideation to get better results and keep it fun. While there's a limitless list of possibilities that need to be tailored to each innovation challenge, I do have some favorites. Here are 29 that work and are adaptable to a variety of businesses...


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  • Internationale Projektteams: Wie ein erfolgreicher Projektstart im Team gelingt in the group Lean Six Sigma Deutschland

    In dieser Beitragsreihe zeigen wir, wie die Zusammenarbeit in internationalen Teams gelingen kann. Lesen Sie im zweiten Teil, wie das erste Aufeinandertreffen des Teams verlaufen sollte und welche Rolle Sie bei der Arbeit im kulturübergreifenden Projektteam übernehmen.Original: https://...

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