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  • Some Summer Reading for Whole System Change

    The famous “brioche con gelato” in Salerno, Italy.   As we take a few days off mid-August Italian style, we wish all our subscribers and readers a serene and regenerating summer period. We will be back soon with our regular blog. In the meantime, here is a selection of some of o...

    Tags: systems view of the world, summer reading, theory of constraints, W. Edwards Deming, whole system

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  • Silos – Overcoming the Enemy of Digital Transformation

    If organizations need to learn anything today it’s how to overcome silos. Silos are the number one enemy of productivity and competitiveness, especially in digital transformation. They also seriously threaten the quality of life of employees. An article by  former Navy Seal Chris...

    Tags: Digital Transformation, Network of Projects, Systems Thinking, systems view of the world, Chris Fussell, complexity, digital transformation, network of projects, silos

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  • 85% of Global Employees Are Disengaged: How to Build Employee Engagement

    According to a recent Gallup State of the Global Workplace report, 85% of employees are not engaged or actively disengaged at work. The economic consequences of this global “norm” are approximately $7 trillion in lost productivity. …this global engagement pattern provides...

    Tags: Systems Thinking, systems view of the world, disengagement, employee engagement, flow, involvement, network of interdependencies, Quality, W. Edwards Deming

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  • Charity – A Boon and Boost for Business?

    There is charity and there is business. Two very separate things with very different purposes. Or are they? But what if donating is not about being good? What if it’s actually an intelligent way of making sure our system/community yields its maximum? What if it’s a way for everyo...

    Tags: Systems Thinking, systems view of the world, charity, donation, interdependencies, systemic thinking, thermodynamics

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  • Time Constraints? Try This…

    If you’re looking for a way to increase your productivity, and most of us are, you can take some powerful inputs from the Theory of Constraints. Every day, we all have to perform a number of tasks in different areas of our lives. Clearly, we can’t give equal attention to everything, ...

    Tags: Systems Thinking, systems view of the world, Theory of Constraints, Inventory, operating expense, throughput, throughput accounting, time constraints, time management, variation

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  • Crisis, Learning, Prevention, Survival – An Interrupted Cycle

    The news of the tragic earthquake in Italy in the town of Amatrice has affected us all. Two partners at Intelligent Management were directly involved in a major earthquake in their hometown of Salerno in Italy in 1980 that changed the lives of many. Our hearts and prayers go out to thos...

    Tags: Systems Thinking, systems view of the world, earthquake, Italy

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  • Constraints? Not a Bad Thing

    On a client’s website, they rightfully explain that their technology frees their customers of certain constraints. What exactly do we mean by constraints and are they a totally bad thing? We all want more freedom. A constraint would seem, by definition, to be something that robs us of free...

    Tags: Systems Thinking, systems view of the world, Theory of Constraints, constraint, Goldratt, Thinking Process Tools

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  • Dysfunctional Organization: Definition and Cure

    “There is no such thing as a dysfunctional organization, because every organization is perfectly aligned to achieve the results it gets.” – Jeff Lawrence. We were asked to comment on this statement. Here is our reply. The word dysfunctional contains the prefix dys-  from ...

    Tags: Systems Thinking, systems view of the world, dysfunctional organization, goal, organizational behaviour

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  • The Theory of Everything of Management

    There are times when everything seems to be going in different directions, at odds and in conflict. What if in the world of business and management there were a solution? What if the way we manage and they way we produce, buy and sell could contain many of the answers we are looking for? When we ...

    Tags: Systems Thinking, systems view of the world

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  • How to Optimize Performance in an Organization

    What happens when more than one person or more than one entity work together in the same direction? Is the result just the simple sum of their efforts? The answer to this question is yes, but… ONLY when the elements involved are independent of each other. In the theory of systems, the glo...

    Tags: Synchronized production, Systems Thinking, systems view of the world, Theory of Constraints

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