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  • Evolving a Strategic Mindset

    There are many books and articles on the market about strategy and what it takes to be strategic or to plan in strategic ways. These are mostly written by either academics for their college undergraduate or MBA classes or senior executives and CEOs who have had some success with a past strategy a...

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  • 7 Reasons Your Business Strategy Goes Nowhere

    Why do organizations fail to formulate or execute a clear business strategy? Watch for these seven pitfalls to strategic success (...) Original: http://www.kepner-tregoe.com/blog/7-reasons-your-business-strategy-goes-nowhere/by:  Jeff RobinsonPosted: July 12, 2016, 6:00 am

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  • Rethink Your Brand’s Future

    Wipro started out selling vegetable oil. It now provides global information technology, consulting, and outsourcing services and is known as the “IBM of India.” It has grown annual revenue to close to $8 billion. It is hard to believe that Wipro actually stands for Western India Palm ...

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  • What 10 Key Questions should You Ask an External Facilitator before He/She is Hired?

    Management people in organizations of all sizes and types come together in meetings for a variety of reasons. This may be to: • Plan strategy or major goals • Share important information • Plan future work/projects • Learn from mistakes/shortfalls • Create wi...

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  • When Going in New Directions, It Helps to Have a Map

    I developed the Play-to-Win Canvas, a large wall map, to help teams explore strategic possibilities. (Click HERE to download a full size PDF, or HERE for a personal A3 size, both sharable under a Creative Commons license.) So, you’ve decided you need to shift strategy. You’ve drafted ...

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  • Preparing for a Strategy Sprint – A DIY Guide

    This is the second in a series of five DIY posts on holding a strategy sprint. The decision to hold a strategy sprint assumes that you’ve come to the conclusion that a new strategy is warranted, that new directions must be explored, and you’ve gotten to this point in a thoughtful and ...

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  • Strategic Transformation at Tennis Canada

    My friend Roger Martin (#3 on Thinkers50 list) penned a terrific article in The European Business Review on how the Canadian professional tennis association rose from oblivion to now boasting two young players ranked well inside the top 10 on the professional tennis circuit…in less than te...

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  • The Play-to-Win Strategy Canvas v3.0

    A little over four years ago I designed and developed a wall canvas to be used when facilitating strategic choice-making with small teams. Over time, the canvas has evolved as I learned more and more about the art and discipline of strategy facilitation…what people struggle with most, wher...

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  • Is innovation really important to you?

    How can we establish Innovation as the vital link to a process of change and strategic direction options? One that lifts the debates of managing today’s business by linking it into the future and then turning this thinking into a series of plausible and coherent set of activities? Innovatio...

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  • What Strategic Planning Tools Exist?

    The road to a successful business is paved with a dynamic, comprehensive strategic plan to direct your steps. There are as many opinions and frameworks out there to follow as there are consultants and experts who propose them. I’m going to simplify the process with a step-by-step guide that...

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