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  • The 2,500 year old lesson everybody ignores cos it’s too hard

    Harold MacMillan was once asked, what is most likely to blow governments off course, he replied… Events dear boy, events. And events is what organisations continue to believe will change things, events meaning one off things that happen. When they … Continue reading →Original: ...

    Tags: all wrong, change, command and control, learning, systems thinking, Uncategorized, Aristotle, away days, strategic, training

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  • Lack of Alignment is an Organizational Disease. Here are the Symptoms.

    Streamlines on a field. Created using the pracma package in R. Like a champion rowing team, your organization needs to make sure everyone is working together, engaged in synchronized work and active collaboration, and not working at cross-purposes. But like risk management, working on al...

    Tags: Competitiveness, Innovation, Management, Quality, Quality Systems, Technology Management, alignment, LinkedIn, management, marketing, strategic, strategic planning, strategy

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