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  • SMED Time tracking with Gantt

    An Excel template for time tracking with automatic creation of Gantt diagram. The label are in Italian language but it can be translated on request without problem. The price is only for unregistered customers, you can find it for free in Files section: http://social.leansixsigma....

    Tags: smed, times tracking, gantt diagram, change over

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  • SMED Presentation (italian)

    A pdf presentation about SMED Tool. It is in italian language but on request I can translate it for you. The price is for unregistered customers only, if you register you can download it for free in Files section: http://social.leansixsigma.university/file/all  

    Tags: smed, change over, lean tools, downtimes, lean manufacturing


  • What Is Single Minute Exchange Of Dies (SMED)?

    Single minute exchange of dies is a system that allows you to alter your manufacturing process quickly and can involve many techniques or combinations of techniques. Most SMED strategies include making changeover steps external. External changes to the manufacturing process don't require stopping...

    Tags: Lean Manufacturing, smed

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  • Michael Ballé's short guide to successfully using SMED

    THE TOOLS CORNER – For the second article in our new series, the author offers a guide to the origins and use of one of lean's most important tools: SMED. Original: http://planet-lean.com/michael-balle-s-short-guide-to-successfully-using-smed By: Michael BalléPost...

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  • Why Single Minute Exchange of Die (SMED)?

    The path towards continuous improvement in your lean journey is not always as clear as you’d like it to be. Many of the processes and methodologies behind Lean take time before your organization has success with them. It’s a learning process well worth the investment, but can be frust...

    Tags: kaizen, lean manufacturing, continuous improvement, Blog, Featured, Kaizen Philosophy, Lean Philosophy, lean, Single Minute Exchange of Dies, SMED

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  • Have You Checked Your SMED, Lately!

    SMED stands for Single Minute Exchange of Dies. One of Shigeo Shingo’s and Toyota’s greatest gains in increasing flow was figuring out how to change the extremely large, heavy dies used to produce (stamp) the large body parts of different car models quickly. Toyota was able to improve...

    Tags: A3 Thinking, Flow, Kanban, Shigeo Shingo, SMED, Standardized Work

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  • Using “Every Part, Every Interval” (EPEI) in Pull Flow

    End of 2014, early 2015, Christoph Roser wrote an interesting series of posts about leveling and heijunka that already triggered me at the time, as I have personally been involved in many leveling, pull flow, kanban and EPEI initiatives during my career. And although in many cases I can align mys...

    Tags: Just-in-Time (JIT), Reviews, Changeover, EPEI, Heijunka, JIT, Just in Time, Kanban, Lean, Pull, SMED, Supply Chain, Value Stream

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  • Why No One Talks About TPM Anymore?

    Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) was a big thing in the late 1980s, got lot of attention, tried to go from “maintenance” to “management” and finally faded out into oblivion. This analysis is my own, you may respond in comments. Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) origin...

    Tags: Operational Excellence, OEE, SMED, Total Productive Maintenance, TPM

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  • What data for changeover monitoring and improvement?

    Maximizing the exploitation of critical Capacity Constraint Resources (CCRs), so called bottlenecks, is crucial for maximizing revenue. Changeovers usually have a significant impact on productive capacity, reducing it with every new change made on those resources that already have too few of it. ...

    Tags: Lean basics, Lean Management, Operational Excellence, analytics, Big Data, Capacity Constraint Resources, constraint, Pharma, SMED

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  • Tools or Culture?

    With our annual Northeast LEAN Conference just a few days away, I want to relate a personal story about the theme of this year’s conference, The Integration of Tools & Culture: The first two books I ever read about Lean were Zero Inventories by Robert Hall and Japanese Manufacturing T...

    Tags: lean manufacturing, Old Lean Dude, 7 wastes, Changeover, continuous improvement, enterprise excellence, kaizen, kanban, shigeo shingo, SMED, toyota production system, TPS

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