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  • Lean Healthcare – Spend Some Time with Mark Graban

    Mark Graban is an internationally recognized leader in Lean healthcare and continuous improvement. His motivation is to apply Lean and Toyota Production System principles to improve quality of care and patient safety, to improve the customer-patient experience, to help the development of medical ...

    Tags: Customer Satisfaction Survey, Experts, General, Leadership, Lean Healthcare, healthcare, hospitals, lean, lean six sigma, lean thinking, patient care, process improvement, quality, shmula

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  • VIDEO: Planning a Kaizen Event

    Just like any other continuous improvement process, planning a Kaizen event requires thought, leadership and accurate data. A Kaizen event is a short-term event that is focused and intense, with the goal of process improvement. Even though improvement on a large scale is typically more attractive...

    Tags: Business, Leadership, Lean Manufacturing, kaizen event, lean, lean theories, lean thinking, planning, shmula

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  • Kaizen Event – Organizing, Leading and Gathering Accurate Data for Success

    The true intent of Kaizen events is improvement. They are intended to be short duration improvement projects with a focus on improvement. Most often, they are week long events led by a facilitator. In addition, the facilitator would collaborate with a team from the work area the event is focused ...

    Tags: Business, Kaizen, kaizen event, leadership, lean, lean thinking, shmula

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  • YouTube Video – The Significance of Lean Leadership

    Lean leaders exist at many different ranks throughout an organization. They can be the hourly floor employee, a procurement specialist, a warehouse supervisor, or the director of operations. Lean leaders are the people in an organization who are consistently committed to making a differ...

    Tags: General, Leadership, Lean Manager, Lean Manufacturing, business leadership, lean, lean leadership, lean thinking, shmula, six sigma, toyota production system, tps

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  • TED Talk Video – Lean Thinking Applied To All

    Can the lean methodology be applied to all areas of our lives beyond the workplace? Can we use the methodology to explore our full potential and make our lives more meaningful? This video by Bill Peterson explores those questions. Bill Peterson has over 30 years of experience in the aircraft mai...

    Tags: Business, Leadership, Lean Manager, Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, The Lean Startup, lean, lean thinking, personal development, potential, quality, self improvement, shmula

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  • Lean Leadership – Are You Winning the War on Culture?

    When there is a leadership change in an organization, there is always a broad idealistic plan on how things are going to change. Invariably, one of the first things a new leader will state as a goal to get things on track is to ‘change the culture’ of the organization. Culture change...

    Tags: Business, Innovation, Leadership, Lean Manager, Lean Manufacturing, Operations Management, Personal Improvement, The Lean Startup, applying lean methodologies, being a leader, good leadership, lean leadership, lean thinking, quality excellence, quality improvement, shmula

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  • Gratitude: Leaders Have a Responsibility

    “As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.” – John F. Kennedy, 45th President of the U.S. Gratitude is an emotion expressing appreciation for what one has—as opposed to, for example, a...

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  • Lean Farming: Lean Manufacturing Grows Bigger Profits For Farmers

    Lean thinking has quickly found its way across multitudes of businesses in recent years. It is no longer in the exclusive realm of manufacturing. “It’s getting hard to find an industry where people aren’t using lean methodologies”Mark Graban, Lean Consultant and Author O...

    Tags: Lean Manufacturing, business, leadership, lean farming, shmula

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  • [VIDEO] A Different Look at Root Cause Analysis (RCA)

    Root cause analysis (RCA) is a tool designed to help identify not only what and how an event occurred, but also why it happened. Only when investigators are able to determine why an event or failure occurred will they be able to specify workable corrective measures that prevent future eve...

    Tags: Business, Customer Experience, Innovation, RCA, Service Operations, improvement, leadership, quality, root cause analysis, shmula

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  • Thoughts on the Application of Root Cause Analysis

    “A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.” ― Franklin D. Roosevelt. Human nature can easily slip into any root cause analysis (RCA) process. We want to take the easy way out in difficulty situations. It is hard to gather meaningful data, dive deep into a problem without prejudice a...

    Tags: Customer Experience, Innovation, Leadership, Operations Management, RCA, errors, lean, quality, root cause analysis, shmula, six sigma

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