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  • Alternatives for Agile and Lean Roadmapping: Part 7, Summary

    Let me summarize what I’ve been talking about in these posts. The problem I’m seeing is that too many teams and organizations plan too much in too much detail too soon. Instead of architectural BDUF (Big Design Up Front), it’s project planning as BDUF. They expect one single per...

    Tags: MPD, product ownership, agile, agile program management, agile roadmap, BDUF, discovery, estimation, feature set, feedback, flow, lean, product value team, rolling wave planning, scaling agile, value

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  • Scaling Agile Webinar Posted

    The nice folks at Planisware organized a webinar with me, called Scaling Agile. They recorded that, and you can hear the video here: Scaling Agile with Johanna Rothman. We spoke a lot about Agile and Lean Program Management. I referred to my multiple part series about Defining “Scaling&rd...

    Tags: agile, MPD, Agile and Lean Program Management, agile program management, cost of delay, culture, scaling agile, value

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  • Reflecting on Agile Thinking with Roy Osherove

    Years ago, Roy Osherove interviewed me about project management, agile thinking, hiring, and management. We had a great conversation. (See Roy's Archived Interviews page for my interviews with him.) I just listened to some of the questions and answers. If you are not sure about effective manageme...

    Tags: agile, MPD, Agile and Lean Program Management, cost of delay, flow efficiency, scaling agile

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  • When is “Agile Scaling” the Answer?

    At the Influential Agile Leader workshop earlier this year, I led a session about scaling and how you might think about it. I introduced the topic and explained that “scaling” might not be the answer. My experience is that when people use frameworks for larger efforts, they experience...

    Tags: agile, MPD, Agile and Lean Program Management, management, program management, scaling agile, transition to agile, value

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