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  • What Can Lean Do for the Banking Industry?

    The banking industry comprises many accounting, regulatory, process, and management challenges, and because its customer-satisfaction and efficiency rates are ripe for improvement, many feel Lean improvement initiatives can transform these financial institutions. A book published just this month ...

    Tags: banking industry, Bohdan Oppenheim, financial services, Lean books, lean culture, Lean for Banks, lean office, lean sigma, Marek Felbur, quality improvement, six sigma

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  • Lean Six Sigma: Are You Modeling Quality?

    Setting the Quality Standard Are you modeling quality in your profession? When we look at successful leaders, they are the ones who are consistently modeling the behavior they expect. You won’t find a task on their daily to-do list reminding them to model their behavior at all times. It is...

    Tags: Business, Customer Experience, Leadership, Six Sigma, change, commitment, focus, lean, quality, quality improvement, Steve Jobs

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  • Lean Optimization: The 5s Cure for the EHR

        Can we find a cure for the EHR (electronic health record) through lean optimization and the 5S? The EHR is a digital version of a patient’s paper chart. It contains the medical history, diagnoses, medications, treatment plans, immunization dates, allergies, radiology images,...

    Tags: Electronic Medical Records, Lean Healthcare, Operations Management, Six Sigma Tools, ehr, healthcare, lean optimization, quality improvement, shmula.com

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  • Chasing Quality: EHR Exposed Opportunities with FMEA

    Can EHR expose quality opportunities in our current FMEA mapping process? A recent study shows that EHR information can provide significant opportunities to improve FMEA mapping in the quality process. Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) mapping simply outlines steps in any given process, th...

    Tags: Lean Healthcare, Six Sigma Tools, flea, healthcare, lean six sigma, quality improvement, six sigma

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  • Continuous Improvement: What Are You Willing To Risk For It?

      Are you a believer in continuous improvement? Do you believe that a state of continuous improvement can exist harmoniously in any business environment and succeed? Well, if you are so confident, then what are you willing to risk to achieve your dreams? You just took on a new leadership ro...

    Tags: Corporate Turnaround, Lean Manager, Personal Improvement, continuos improvement, lean, lean six sigma, quality, quality improvement, shmula.com

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  • Quality Improvement: What Is The Real Motivation?

    Many companies go down the road of quality improvement for the wrong reasons. The question is, what is your real motivation when implementing Lean and Lean Six Sigma practices in your organization? What are you really trying to achieve? What Is Really Going On? Your organization embarks on a gra...

    Tags: Business, Six Sigma, leadership, lean six sigma, quality improvement, shmula.com

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  • Healthcare: Leadership from the Trenches

    The healthcare industry has always struggled with change. Some have embraced quality improvement initiatives and philosophies with significant results. Many others still are missing the mark. They are implementing ‘change management’ processes without embracing the true process. As a ...

    Tags: Lean Healthcare, Six Sigma, healthcare, lean six sigma, lean six sigma healthcare, quality improvement, shmula.com

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  • Lean Leadership – Are You Winning the War on Culture?

    When there is a leadership change in an organization, there is always a broad idealistic plan on how things are going to change. Invariably, one of the first things a new leader will state as a goal to get things on track is to ‘change the culture’ of the organization. Culture change...

    Tags: Business, Innovation, Leadership, Lean Manager, Lean Manufacturing, Operations Management, Personal Improvement, The Lean Startup, applying lean methodologies, being a leader, good leadership, lean leadership, lean thinking, quality excellence, quality improvement, shmula

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  • Quality Improvement: Honoring Dr. William Edwards Deming

    ‘People with targets and jobs dependent upon meeting them will probably meet the targets – even if they have to destroy the enterprise to do it.’ W. Edwards Deming There are few people who have had more impact on the science and practical application process management than Dr...

    Tags: Business, Innovation, Shoulders of Giants, Six Sigma, dr deming, leadership, lean six sigma, quality, quality improvement, shmula blog

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