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  • Jidoka or Autonomation

    What is Jidoka Though jidoka has come to be known as automation with a human-touch, a better way of describing it is people-centred improvements which are more focussed on how human beings and machines interact with the aim of producing quality. The notion that machines can entirely replace hum...

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  • Lean Healthcare – Spend Some Time with Mark Graban

    Mark Graban is an internationally recognized leader in Lean healthcare and continuous improvement. His motivation is to apply Lean and Toyota Production System principles to improve quality of care and patient safety, to improve the customer-patient experience, to help the development of medical ...

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  • E6D METHODS: Premier resource for training, coaching, consulting, and leadership.

    Mission: To help process managers be their best. E6S Industries strives to be the premier resource for expert training, coaching, consulting, and leadership in lean, six sigma, design thinking, and other continuous improvement methodologies.   We are dedicated to finding and shari...

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  • SIXSIGMA-INSTITUTE.ORG - Six Sigma Certification Programs

    Six Sigma Certifications from World's Leading Institute of Certified Six Sigma Programs

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  • Andon is for operators to help us understand quality

    Andon is not for management to visualize problems, it’s for operators to help management understand quality. Yesterday, I witnessed that rare (very rare) feat: a company trying to set up an andon. Andon means that operators have a button to switch from “all good” to “help...

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  • What does organic thinking really mean in Organizational Development

    When engineers face a quality problem, they tend to start with the last operation. If something’s wrong with a part made of plastic components, the engineer will look at final assembly first, and make his or her ways backwards to find the source of the problem. Twenty years ago, the ...

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  • Quality Beliefs Determine Improvement Behavior

    Over the last few months, I have been helping an international holding company assess the operations of their portfolio of companies. They want to know things like, “How Lean are the operations at each company?” “How far along is each company in its Six Sigma improvement jo...

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  • How to Determine the Worst Case for a Process

    Have confidence in the confidence interval     How do you determine the “worst case” scenario for a process? Is it by assuming the worst case for each process task or step? No. The reason is that the probability of every step having its worst case at the same ti...

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  • Lean Six Sigma Teams: Finding the Right Size

    One Size Fits All? Sometimes there is a misconception with Lean Six Sigma Teams that the more ‘brains’ involved, the better the results. This can especially become a trend when the problems are more detail oriented or complex. Leaders will immediately direct the maximum amount of bra...

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  • 5S Program: A Quality Tool or Good Housekeeping?

    What Is Really Going On? Do you have an effective 5S program or a great housekeeping model? You maybe just going through the motions. For some, a lack of understanding of what a 5S program should be relegates the process to a very effective housekeeping program for the organization with embracin...

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