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  • The Test Every Great Leader Must Pass in the group Lean Leadership

    Are you a good leader? A great leader? How can you even know? You can take the test…….. Most leaders are too busy to spend much time reflecting on that question, but it really is important to check in once in a while—especially if results, achievement and excellence are impor...

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  • We Are All Called to Serve in the group Lean Leadership

    We know that life shouldn’t be just about making more money, buying a bigger home, or having a selection of cars in the garage. It may include those things, but it has to be about more. But what? I believe life is about a calling—a calling to serve. People think that to be a leader y...

    Tags: Blog, Lead From Within, Leadership, Leadership Development, Purpose, Relationships, Workplace, Change, Communities, Customers, Service, World

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  • Ask Art: Why Should I Set Stretch Goals?

    Art Byrne urges you to take the lean leap and set stretch goals. Setting ambitious goals shows respect for your people. Use the lean tools and kaizen to get to the point where you can compete on your operational excellence targets. Original: https://www.lean.org/lp/864 By: Art ByrnePoste...

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  • 7 Ways to Be a More Effective Leader in the group Lean Leadership

    The business environment has never been more demanding than it is right now. Factors that would have been exceptional not long ago—global competition, turbulent markets, demanding shareholders and customers, and constantly changing technology—are an everyday fact of life. More than e...

    Tags: Blog, Integrity, Lead From Within, Leadership, Leadership Development, Mission, Passion, Personal Development, Purpose, Values, Vision, Workplace, Business, HR, Lead from Within, Leader, Management

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  • How to Attract and Keep the Workforce You Need in the group Lean Leadership

    Every organization wants a reputation as a great place to work. In many fields, the workplace has become a candidate’s market where the best people have their pick of jobs. And it’s not enough to attract and hire top people—you have to be able to retain them too. Being known as...

    Tags: Blog, Lead From Within, Leadership, Leadership Development, Management, Personal Development, Workplace, Boss, Culture, Lead from Within, Leader, Purpose, Workforce

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  • The 1 thing nobody has ever said about a scorecard (and the 7 things they often do)

    What people often say about scorecards 1. This colour symbol is wrong, shouldn’t it be a green? 2. Why isn’t that an up arrow? 3. There’s a spelling mistake in the comments 4. The formatting is slightly off. Needs more … Continue reading → Original: https://thinkp...

    Tags: all wrong, command and control, measures, purpose, questions, systems thinking, targets, thinking, performance reports, scorecards

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  • Are you living a purposeful life?

    Our founder Jurgen Appelo is kicking off Happy Melly’s Weekly Happiness Challenge. Each week we are going to offer a topic and a challenge, of course all dedicated to happiness at work. With that challenge will come a thought leadership blogpost, loads of related content shared on our socia...


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  • Why and How to Build a Purpose-Driven Organization

    An increasing number of organizations are talking about purpose. Purpose is the reason for which something exists. But when people talk about purpose they don’t just mean a goal. They mean purposefulness, a deeper meaning, a higher purpose. This is what some call the purpose economy, o...

    Tags: Systems Thinking, systems view of the world, Theory of Constraints, complexity, Deming, Goldratt, organization, purpose, purpose-driven organization

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  • Your job is not what you think it is

    “The role of code developers is not to develop code, but to overcome problems through the use of code.” This sentence is lifted straight from here. It says that… The role of X is not to Y, but to overcome problems … Continue reading → Original: https://think...

    Tags: command and control, purpose, systems thinking, job, posiwid

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  • The Kung Fu Panda principle.

    Imagine you want to buy a bar of chocolate from a supermarket. You are sitting at home, so you need to get in your car, you need to drive to the supermarket, you need to park the car, you need … Continue reading → Original: https://thinkpurpose.com/2017/09/23/the-kung-fu-panda-prin...

    Tags: clarity of purpose, command and control, purpose, systems thinking, command and control thinking, defensive culture, Fetishistic Disavowal, kung fu panda, Slavoj Zizek

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