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  • Improving Flow: Selling “Level Selling”

    When you have been working on improving flow across the value stream, I am sure you have come across a situation where customers seem to order infrequently and erratically. We do our best and level the demand using the principle of heijunka, but still, this increases inventory and lead time. As a...

    Tags: Just-in-Time (JIT), Supplier Integration, JIT, Just in Time, Kanban, Lean, Pull, Purchasing, Sales, Supply Chain, Value Stream

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  • Can Lean Principles Be Applied to Procurement and Purchasing Processes?

    While there are many books written on the basics of the "supply" side of the supply chain (i.e. strategic sourcing, sourcing/procurement and purchasing), however, there hasn’t been much written on those areas from a Lean perspective. That situation was rectified when Paul Myerson p...

    Tags: inventory, just in time (JIT), Lean Demand-Driven Procurement, lean supplier management, lean supply chain, Paul Myerson, procurement, purchasing, vendor managed inventory (VMI)

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