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  • Deming’s Ideas Applied at Intermountain Healthcare Since 1988

    I like to share interesting articles (and other resources) that provide examples of organizations applying Deming’s ideas in practice. Here is another of those articles: How Intermountain Trimmed Health Care Costs Through Robust Quality Improvement Efforts by Brent James and Lucy Savitz (2...

    Tags: management systems, systems thinking, applications in organizations, articles, case study, gemba, health care, organization as a system, process improvement, process thinking

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  • Kevin Murphy’s Presentation: Application and Lessons of Deming’s Perspective on Leadership

    Kevin Murphy’s presentation at the 14th In2:InThinking Annual Forum Weekend Conference: Application and Lessons of Deming’s Perspective on Leadership: Kevin is the President at Triumph Accessory Services. After graduating from the Deming Scholars program at Fordham University he wor...

    Tags: data, process thinking, video, case study, CEO, leadership, process improvement, service, understanding variation

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  • Making Sure Your Workforce Is Ready for Change

    Making Sure Your Workforce Is Ready for Change It goes without saying that there are some outstanding process improvement methodologies that could have a huge impact on a business by saving it extraordinary amounts of money, making it significantly more competitive and substantially improving its...

    Tags: Kaizen, Leadership, Personal Improvement, Six Sigma, business process optiomization, lean, lean six sigma, methodology, powerful improvement methodologies, process improvement, six sigma

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  • Quality Healthcare: Can Process Improvement Really Work in Healthcare?

    “In God we trust…and all others must bring data.” Dr. William Edwards Deming Quality improvement concepts and techniques, such as Six Sigma and Lean practices, have been used to transform almost every major industry in the world with dramatic results. The last holdouts, the la...

    Tags: Leadership, Lean Healthcare, Six Sigma, healthcare, lean six sigma, process improvement, quality, quality healthcare, shmula blog

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  • Different Types of Kanban Boards and Card Holders

    Different Types of Kanban Boards and Card Holders Since it was introduced in the 1950’s by Toyota Production System founder Taiichi Ohno, Kanban has been adopted by thousands of companies in pursuit of success. Kanban cards exist to track progress. Doing so helps each member of a business...

    Tags: Business, Kanban, Lean Manufacturing, Agile, agile development, agile kanban boards, card holders, excel kanban boards, kanban bin systems, kanban board, kanban boards, kanban cards, kanban principles, kanban systems, online kanban boards, process improvement

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  • Ask Art: Why do so few companies that implement lean do it successfully?

    We've all heard the stories of failed lean implementations, as well as the hotly debated question of "Why did it fail?" In his many years as a lean leader, Art Byrne has seen quite a few possible reasons for a lean failure - read more. Original: https://www.lean.org/lp/712 By: Art ByrneP...

    Tags: fundamentals, Lean Practices, process improvement, transformation

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  • Technology-Driven Improvement Initiatives (and Other Amazing Magic Tricks)

    "In my experience, projects based on the scientific method are more likely to succeed than projects focused primarily on Information Technology (IT) improvements," writes Tim Kane. Why is this so? Kane cites two real-life scenarios that led him to this conclusion. Read more. Original: https://...

    Tags: Problem solving, process improvement, Lean Practices

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  • How Lean Changed My Work: Lean Without Knowing It

    Last month LEI sent out an email asking the lean community how lean changed their work. For Jeremy Venable of Shell Chemical, lean not only helped him redefine his work, but helped him get recognition and a new job too. Read more. Original: https://www.lean.org/lp/721 Posted: April 27, 2017, 1...

    Tags: lean manufacturing, process improvement, lean musings

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  • 3 Traps to Avoid in Building a Continual Improvement Culture

    In 1966, the ABC television network did something unforgivingly cruel to small children around the USA. It broadcast Batman on Tuesdays and Thursdays. That in itself wasn’t bad – the cruel part was every Tuesday evening Batman got caught in some kind of trap and we had to wait until T...

    Tags: continual improvement, continual improvement culture, process improvement

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  • Managing to Win: The Remarkable Lean Transformation of Phase 2

    Revisit the enlightening case study of Phase 2's lean transformation in the face of losing its biggest customer, plus insider info from an interview with CEO Adam Prime. Original: https://www.lean.org/lp/735 By: Lean LeaperPosted: May 24, 2017, 12:00 am

    Tags: Lean Management, lean manufacturing, process improvement

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