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  • Improving the System to Reduce Costs Isn’t Equal to Cost Cutting

    Real benefits come when managers begin to understand the profound difference between “cost cutting” and “eliminating the causes of costs.” Brian Joiner in Fourth Generation Management Cutting costs by fiat via executive orders reduces the capability of the organizati...

    Tags: process thinking, cost cutting, organization as a system, process improvement

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  • Making Things Better - Lean Streets: Improving Road Maintenance in Washington State

    Ever feel like your home city or town needs to step up its game in maintaining road conditions? People in Washington State certainly have - and for them, lean turned out to be the way to efficient and effective road maintenance. Steve Gorcester played a major role in this lean transformation - he...

    Tags: government, PDCA, process improvement, supply chain

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  • Making Things Better: 5S-ing the Community

    Do you use any lean tools to make your community a better place? Tony Heath has, ever since he was first sold on 5S many years ago. Here's his story. Original: http://www.lean.org/lp/638By: Tony HeathPosted: October 5, 2016, 2:00 am

    Tags: lean manufacturing, process improvement

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  • The "Playbook" of Sustaining Change

    In a world where most lean transformations fail, what can we do to learn from others' mistakes and help our own transformations succeed? After 30 years of firsthand experience in change implementations, Lynn Kelley has a few tips to share. Read more. Original: https://www.lean.org/lp/800 By:&...

    Tags: Problem solving, lean leadership, process improvement, sustainability

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  • Deming Lecture by Dr. Jeff Wu on Quality Improvement from Autos to Nanotechnology

      Deming Lecture at the 2012 ASA Joint – Quality Improvement: From Autos and Chips to Nano and Bio” by Jeff Wu, Georgia Institute of Technology. One of the points Dr. Wu mentioned is Shewhart called common causes, chance causes, and special causes, assignable causes. I must say...

    Tags: data, process thinking, video, control charts, Dr. Deming, engineering, experimentation, history, process improvement, quality tools, special cause, statistics, webcasts

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  • Ask Art: How is lean the opposite of everything people have been trained to do?

    Art Byrne explains why, and how, lean practice is the opposite of what most people have learned about work in any setting ... Original: http://www.lean.org/lp/645By: Art ByrnePosted: October 25, 2016, 12:00 am

    Tags: continuous improvement, lean leadership, process improvement

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  • Applying Understanding of Variation to Large Datasets

    Understanding Variation by Thomas Nolan, Rocco J. Perla and Lloyd Provost. There have been large changes in the use of data since the publication of Understanding Variation, by Thomas Nolan and Lloyd Provost. The new article discusses how to use an understanding of variation when working with lar...

    Tags: data, process thinking, systems thinking, control charts, process improvement, quality tools, special cause, statistics, understanding variation

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  • When Lean Gets Personal

    Lean is not simply about making things better; Jim Morgan shares how his experience with lean healthcare taught him how lean helps make people better. ... Original: http://www.lean.org/lp/652 By: Jim MorganPosted: November 10, 2016, 12:00 am

    Tags: healthcare, patient-centered care, process improvement, product development

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  • Advice from the Gemba: The Most Frustrating Types of Waste (and How to Eliminate Them!)

    If you've ever lost sleep over a particularly frustrating source of waste in your organization, you're not alone. Some forms of waste are easier to eliminate - others are so hard that they start to blur the line between "challenging" and "enraging." Today we feature three experienced lean practit...

    Tags: Lean Management, Problem solving, process improvement, waste

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  • Are Your Processes REALLY People-Centric?

    A process might look people-centric on paper, but the reality is often much different. Inspired by a half funny, half bemusing experience at an airport, Kelly Moore reflects on how to ensure that your processes are people-centric from the get-go. Original: http://www.lean.org/lp/665 By: ...

    Tags: Customer Focus, design thinking, problem solving, process improvement

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