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  • Putting the Balanced Scorecard to Work: 11 Great Tips

    Putting the Balanced Scorecard to work can be quite a challenge. Yes, the Balanced Scorecard has been around for a long time. Yes, there are many Balanced Scorecard example out there. But that doesn’t change the fact that most organizations struggle to put the Balanced Scorecard to work ...

    Tags: Strategy, Marketing, & Sales, balanced scorecard, performance management, strategic management

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  • The sun is in Uranus

    This dude is an ASTROLOGER and… This dude is an ASTRONOMER. They LOOK very similar don’t they? Both staring up at stars, they both use telescopes, they both keep accurate records of  where astronomical bodies are in the night-sky. But … Continue reading → Original...

    Tags: all wrong, command and control, measures, setting a numerical target is like..., statistics, systems thinking, performance management, performance measures

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  • Thor describes my purpose

    I sit next to the photocopier at work. About 3 times a day somebody printing some papers off will ask me if I have a stapler they can borrow, to staple their papers together. This is a question I am … Continue reading → Original: https://thinkpurpose.com/2017/02/20/thor-describes-m...

    Tags: command and control, public sector, purpose, systems thinking, performance management, performance reports, thor

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  • What Is Value Based Management (VBM)?

    Value Based Management (VBM) is a management philosophy that states management should foremost consider the interests of shareholders in its business actions.  This framework encompasses the processes for creating, managing, and measuring value. It is important to note VBM differs from a pr...

    Tags: Management & Leadership, DCF, performance management, strategy development, Value Based Management, Value Creation, VBM

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  • Are You Still Using a First Generation Performance Framework?

    What is a “first” or “second” generation Performance Management and Measurement framework? Let’s begin by defining these concepts. First generation Performance Management and Measurement frameworks derive Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) from strate...

    Tags: Operations & Supply Chain, Strategy, Marketing, & Sales, balanced scorecard, EFQM, KPI, performance management, Value Creation, Value Drivers, Value Mapping

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  • Emerging Trends in Global Sustainable Performance Management

    Being aware of the emerging trends in global sustainable performance management can be essential for industries in order to help them plan for the future. Of course, trends do vary, so what is essential now will often change further down the line. Also, a great degree of external influences will...

    Tags: Business, annual reporting, global sustainable performance management, micro-managing, performance management, personal development

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  • A New Direction for Performance Management

    The ideal process for managing performance is one that successfully motivates and supports staff to contribute to the achievement of the goals and objectives of the organization.  A continuing process that encourages on-going communication and coaching between managers and their employees ha...

    Tags: Operations & Supply Chain, Organization, Change, & HR, compensation, performance management, Peter Drucker

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  • Breaking Down Resource Efficiency vs Flow Efficiency

    Thanks to its success, many businesses today are considering working under the Agile philosophy, which stresses the value of process efficiency. However, they face a major stumbling block: the choice between resource efficiency and flow efficiency. This dilemma can be chalked down to how they se...

    Tags: Business, flow efficiency, management accountability, management of performance, managing accountability, organization, performance management, resource efficiency, work fllow

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  • Performance Management: 5 Solutions to Challenges We Face

    We’re all cognizant of the term “Performance Appraisal.”It refers to the methodical approach of employee’s performance, and the evaluation is done to understand the abilities of each individual for further career development. Regardless of how important the process is, to ...

    Tags: Operations & Supply Chain, performance management

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  • Using Measures to Get the Most out of Your Change Initiative

    There are plenty of statistics indicating that a high number of change initiatives fail. Any organization can turn those statistics on their head by doing one thing; USING their measures. Not just creating them; using them. When you use measures the right way, you reinforce y...

    Tags: Organization, Change, & HR, analytics, Change Management, corporate culture, organizational change, performance management, project management

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