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  • Coaching to Overcome the Ten Innovation Intractables

    If you could ask a series of question that might help unlock innovation blockages it would make such a difference to our innovation performance and engagement. I think this might need a good external facilitator as my recommendation, one who has deep innovation knowledge and expertise, able to ma...

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  • Why Your Organization Needs a “Whip” to Help Build a Widespread Innovation Culture

    The innovation book Robert’s Rules of Innovation: A 10-Step Program for Corporate Survival establishes a foundation of 10 Key Imperatives intended to help everyone from beginners to seasoned innovators. These 10 simple and practical steps create a structured, repeatable innovation...

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  • What is the Most Powerful Tool for Change Leaders? [Video]

    In his latest VisionaryTalk.com video, Seth Kahan speaks to self-transformation of ambitious change leaders.     Continue reading → Original: http://www.innovationexcellence.com/blog/2016/06/16/what-is-the-most-powerful-tool-for-change-leaders-video/ By: Seth KahanPosted: Jun...

    Tags: innovation, innovation excellence, People & Skills, Uncategorized, Video, CEO, change, Leadership, Management, Organizational Change

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  • Process Change - Who is Right the VP or the Manager?

    “My division is unique,” said the Vice President.  “No you’re not,” said the quality manager.  “We are different”  “Sadly, you’re not!”  After several rounds of such talk, the quality manager found himself in a new em...

    Tags: process change, business process, Organizational Change, process change management, Change Management

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  • Why We Must Change Our Mental Models from Hierarchies to Networks

    Once you start thinking in terms of networks rather than hierarchies, it becomes clear that we must change how we do things; and not just within organizations, but also in how we approach a competitive marketplace. As it turns out, firms that seek to strengthen industrial networks have a big adva...

    Tags: innovation, innovation excellence, Build Capability, Change, Culture & Values, Disruption, Strategy, Technology, failure, Organizational Change, Siclicon Valley, success

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  • Talking Innovation and Digital Transformation on DisrupTV

    DisrupTV co-hosts R “Ray” Wang and Vala Afshar in Episode 63 recently sat down with Innovation Excellence co-Founder Braden Kelley to chat about a range of innovation, digital transformation and organizational change topics. DisrupTV is a weekly Web series that airs live at 11:00 a.m....

    Tags: innovation, innovation excellence, Change, Digital, Disruption, Interview Videos, Interviews, change planning, Change Planning Canvas, Change Planning Toolkit, Constellation Research, digital transformation, DisrupTV, Organizational Change, R Ray Wang, Salesforce.com, Vala Afshar

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  • Why Great Innovators Do One Thing Differently

    Most companies try to avoid problems. Experian actually goes looking for them. In fact, it has set up a specific unit – Experian DataLabs — to actively seek out unresolved problems its customers are having and use them as a launchpad to pursue new opportunities and create new products...

    Tags: innovation, innovation excellence, Disruption, Inspiration, Profiles of Innovators, innovation labs, Organizational Change, problem solving

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  • Question to Leadership: If you had to list 3 qualities…

    Our team was asked to anonymously submit questions that they wanted answered. While there are many important ones, narrowing it to the top 3 was difficult. But, here's where we landed. I share them here because I imagine they may apply to your organization as well: Original: http://innovatione...

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  • What Should Your Chief Innovation Officer Do for Your Company?

    Recent research shows that consistently innovative companies hold 6 times the market share, make 3 times the profit, and do 50% better during recessions than their average peers. This article is an adapted excerpt from Yoram Solomon's recent book: Blueprints for the Next Big Thing.Original: http:...

    Tags: innovation, innovation excellence, Book Review, Build Capability, Creativity, culture, Feature Of The Week, Innovation, Survey, CIO, executives, Innovation Executives, Innovation Metrics, Organizational Change

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  • Charting Change for Product Managers and Innovators

    Adding change management tools to our product management toolbox is wise, which is why I interviewed the creator of the Change Planning Toolkit. He also wrote the book, Charting Change: A Visual Toolkit for Making Change Stick. Original: http://innovationexcellence.com/blog/2017/07/05/charting...

    Tags: innovation, innovation excellence, Book Review, Build Capability, Business Models, Feature Of The Week, Interviews, Management, business books, Innovation Books, Interview, Organizational Change, Podcast

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