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  • Hiking to exchange occupational burnout for happiness at work

    Most jobs these days find you inside an office, staring at a screen all day. Whether you enjoy the work you do or not, being stuck indoors at a computer 40 hours a week can be draining; so draining that when you get home all you want to do is sit inside, scrolling on your […] Original: ...

    Tags: Weekly Happiness Challenge, Work Life Balance Tips, hiking, occupational burnout, team-building activity, work-life balance

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  • Reading to reduce burnout

    One of the best ways to prevent burnout is to nurture yourself. When you listen to your mind and body, you are able to take care of yourself better. Self-care ensures that you will be at your best whether you are at work, at home, or even on vacation. Many people choose to unwind by […]Ori...

    Tags: How to Increase Productivity, Motivational, burnout, getting smarter, increasing creativity, increasing productivity, job burnout, occupational burnout, reading, reading at work, reducing burnout

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