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  • The 1.5 Sigma Shift in Six Sigma

    The 1.5 Sigma Shift in Six Sigma Six Sigma is one of the most widely respected business process improvement methodologies available. It comes with a wealth of statistical tools to help businesses understand what aspects of their processes need optimization, and how to practically achieve near per...

    Tags: Business, Six Sigma, Six Sigma Overview, Six Sigma Tools, 1.5 sigma shift, 4.5 sigma, Army Lean Six Sigma, Long Term Dynamic Mean Variation, long term variation, motorola, motorola methodology, Short Term Dynamic Mean Variation, sigma level, six sigma, six sigma methodology

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  • 3 Tips for Incorporating Six Sigma into Your Sourcing Process

    Six Sigma is a set of techniques and tools used for process improvement that was developed by Motorola and promoted by General Electric. These set of tools and techniques have a wide range of applications beyond manufacturing. The application of the Six Sigma methodologies in sourcing and procur...

    Tags: Six Sigma, critical to quality, ctq, dmaic, general electric, motorola, reduction of cycle time, six sigma methodologies

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  • Bill Smith: Contributions to The Theory of Process Improvement

    Bill Smith: Contributions to The Theory of Process Improvement Bill Smith is the founder of Six Sigma, the powerful methodology that is now being used by businesses the world over for process and quality improvement in the interest of defect minimization and ultimately greater customer satisfact...

    Tags: Business, father of six sigma, motorola, six sigma

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  • Innovation is a Cruel Game

    So get your patent filed! Sometimes the idea is tremendous but it fails because of the current state of technology or infrastructure.  Consider the common remote control for your TV set.  The Zenith Radio Corporation launched the first wireless remote control for TVs in 1955.  The ...

    Tags: innovation, innovation excellence, babbage, flashmatic, martin cooper, Motorola, remote control, view star, zenith

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