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  • Pizza – The Best Incentive to Boost Productivity at Work

    Often, businesses managers offer monetary incentives to motivate their employees and keep them engaged at work. Annual bonuses, for example, are used to encourage staff to perform well and meet their set goals for the year. However, while this may seem like a great strategy to ensure that the com...

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  • 6 Skills You Must Obtain To Be A Powerful 21st Century Leader

    If you are an entrepreneur, leadership is the crucial factor in your business. The business climate is always changing, so you can’t expect the past rules and strategies work today – the pace is fast, the rules are inconsistent, the competition is big. So, how can you stand out as a g...

    Tags: How To Motivate Employees, Leadership, adaptability, being a leader, business leadership, develop new leadership skills, employee motivation, how to be a better leader, innovation, leadership, leadership and motivation, motivating employees, motivating teams, self-awareness

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  • 7 Ways to Keep Your Employees Happy At Work

    A productive workplace is up to the attitude of its employees. A happy employee will be more likely to work harder and feel comfortable with their job, leading to the success of the worker and company alike. We’ve put together a quick guide to keeping your employees smiling in the office an...

    Tags: How to be happy at work, How To Motivate Employees, being happy, better management, creating a happy environment, creating a happy workplace, get happy, happiness, happiness at work, happy employees, happy work, how to be a better manager, motivating employees

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  • 3 Workplace Safety Motivation Tips for Your Employees

    We can all agree that a safer workplace is something that everyone should strive towards. Reducing risks of potential accidents and lowering worker’s compensation claims is every employer’s responsibility and legal obligation. Introducing safety procedures will establish your expectat...

    Tags: How To Motivate Employees, Motivational, coworker support, employee motivation, employee motivation tips, motivating employees, motivating teams, safe space, safe workplace, safety, safety at work, supporting employees, team support

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  • How to Use Smart Technology to Increase Employee Motivation

    In a recent global study conducted by Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, it was revealed that employees who work in digital workplaces are not only more productive, but also more motivated, have higher job satisfaction, and report a better overall sense of well-being. The majority of re...

    Tags: How to Increase Productivity, Motivational, being motivated, being productive, increase productivity, motivating employees, motivating teams, motivation, productivity, Productivity at work

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