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  • The Order for Kaizen

    Develop the abilities of people first     Today I’d like to talk about kaizen—specifically, the order for kaizen. The term has come to mean “continuous improvement,” but kaizen originally translates from Japanese as “change for better.” T...

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  • The Art of Managing Dispersed Teams

    How HR managers are handling familiar challenges on a global scale     A trained mechanical engineer, Mark Chang found himself “totally uncertain and unprepared” the first time he was called on to hire someone else.   “I didn’t even know why I...

    Tags: Innovation, management, Human Resources

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  • Hospital Errors and Accountability Continued — “Medicine Mix-Ups Harm Hospitalized Kids”

    Fox News ran a story today that shines further light on the problem of healthcare quality: Medicine Mix-Ups Harm Hospitalized Kids. This is just more data characterizing the magnitude of problems in today’s healthcare (see earlier post: Hospital Errors and Accountability – The Beginni...

    Tags: Current Events, Real World Examples, Deming, hospital errors, management, measurement methods, medical errors, medicine mix-ups, science

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  • Effective Managers Spend Little Time in the Weeds. in the group Lean Leadership

    Effective managers know one thing, spending time in the weeds (aka – being too “hands-on”) is counter-productive and can sabotage their ability to lead and provide direction. A manager who spends too much time in the weeds by deciding to do tasks normally reserved for direct rep...

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  • Export anything to a friendly country except American management

    One of the reasons quotes by W. Edwards Deming are so popular is that he had an incredible understanding of the practice of management. Another reason they are popular is he had a sense of humor that was captured well in several popular quotes. This quote is included on the back of The Deming Ma...

    Tags: Dr. Deming, psychology, business, change, culture, important, management, quotes, transformation

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  • Leaders Clarify Priorities and Keep People Focused

    Editor’s Note:  The author Curtis Chocholous, a seasoned executive and Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, has written a whitepaper on The 80/20 Law of Leadership, which is available for free on Flevy here.  This whitepaper is based on Lean Culture thinking.   * * * * Do you re...

    Tags: leadership, Leadership Development, management

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  • Organizing For Success: Design Does Matter

    Breaking Old Habits Organizing for success with Lean is a interesting proposition. The fact is, most organizational designs are poorly thought out and disappointedly implemented. Lean practices and tools lead us down the path of organization through process design vs. reorganization. Our focus t...

    Tags: Business, Leadership, Lean Manager, Lean Manufacturing, Operations Management, change, lean, lean six sigma, management, organizing, reorganization

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  • Six Sigma Benefits: These 6 Are A Bonus!

    Understanding The Reach Are there hidden Six Sigma Benefits in your program? Most people understand that Six Sigma is a management methodology which allows companies to use data to eliminate defects in any process. For a process to have achieved Six Sigma benefits, a process must not produc...

    Tags: Leadership, Operations Management, Six Sigma, management, six sigma benefits

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  • Six Sigma Deployment: Get it Right From the Beginning

    Organizing the Deployment Sigma Sigma deployment is about organizing and planning the implementation of the strategy. If you look to the military as an example, planning and preparation for a deployment is scientific and methodic. Forward thinking planners have studied and visualize the deployme...

    Tags: Business, Leadership, Six Sigma, Change Management, management, Six Sigma deployment, six sigma strategies

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  • My First Trip To Japan by Peter Scholtes

    The Philadelphia Area Council for Excellence organized a tour to visit businesses Japan in 1985 and learn from them. 38 people participated in the trip including Peter Scholtes; William Hunter (my father); Brian and Laurel Joiner; Myron Tribus; and David and Carole Schwinn (David and Carole are p...

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