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  • Lean Startup vs Design Thinking


    Tags: Lean startup, thinking design, service design, product design


  • Four Six Sigma tactics for a lean start-up

    If you’re starting a business and haven’t yet heard of the Six Sigma concept, it’s time to take notice. Familiarising yourself with the set of tools and techniques employed by Six Sigma can take you from failure to the position of hot, innovative startup company. By using data,...

    Tags: Lean startup, lean manufacturing

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  • The benefits of failing fast

    In a recent conversation with a friend of mine, CEO of a small Consulting firm, he explained me how he energized his small company using Lean Startup principles and tools. Especially when it comes to answer calls for tender or a request for a proposal, Frederic (his name) has gotten pickier. &ldq...

    Tags: Operational Excellence, fail fast, Lean startup, Minimum Viable Product

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  • The Changing Face of Startups?

    I was quite happy that, during this past month, I got the chance to speak to Boyd Cohen -- one of the foremost climate strategists helping to lead communities, cities, and companies on the journey towards the low carbon economy -- about his most recent book, Post-Capitalist Entrepreneurship: Sta...

    Tags: alternative currencies, Boyd Cohen, Distributed Autonomous Organizations (DAOs), entrepreneurship, Lean startup, platform cooperatives, Post-Capitalist Entrepreneurship (PCE)

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  • When 45 Business Gurus Share Their Most Important Insights

    Last month, a very interesting book entitled The GuruBook: Insights from 45 Pioneering Entrepreneurs and Leaders on Business Strategy and Innovation, compiled by Jonathan Løw, was published. In it, 45 of the world’s leading entrepreneurs and leaders -- such as Salim Ismail (Singulari...

    Tags: business strategy, entrepreneur, entrepreneurship, innovation, Jonathan Løw, Lean startup, The GuruBook, workplace culture

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  • Scaling Lean Product Management for Better Innovation

    Can you truly predict a customers’ reaction to a new innovative product and then scale the success of the product? Lean practitioners say you can, if you measure the right metrics, interpret them correctly, and focus on the problem and the uncertainties that arise. Continue reading → ...

    Tags: innovation, innovation excellence, People & Skills, Processes & Tools, Product Innovation, lean, lean startup, Product Development, Product Management

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  • What Is Lean Startup?

    What Is Lean Startup? Starting a new business is a daunting task, no matter how much experience one may have in the field. There are different approaches to the problem, but it ultimately comes down to figuring out how to make the company’s idea start producing results as quickly as possib...

    Tags: Innovation, Lean Manufacturing, The Lean Startup, adapting to change, business, company, good lean startup, ideas in lean startup, improving a product, lean methodologies, lean startup, starting a new business, success of a business

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  • Introduction to the 100 Task Startup playbook

    Martin Bell is a global startup advisor, angel investor, and Founder & CEO of Bell Ventures. He was previously with Rocket Internet SE, and helped build, scale, and assess ~50 companies. He came up recently with a new tool for startups, the 100 Task Startup playbook. He kindly accep...

    Tags: innovation, innovation excellence, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Corporate innovation, incubator, lean startup, Martin Bell, Startup

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  • Understanding the Lean Startup Methodology: An Overview

    Building a company from the ground up can be a stressful and challenging task, even if you already have experience in running a business. In recent years, we’ve seen the rise of many different startup methodologies, each aiming to inspire confidence in up-and-coming entrepreneurs, and help ...

    Tags: Business, company, lean startup, startup, startup entrepreneur, startup methodologies, successfull business

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  • Why Large Companies Should Embrace Lean Startup Principles

    Lean startup methodologies are gaining a lot of popularity nowadays and more entrepreneurs are turning to them as a reliable and familiar framework for developing their companies. And while it’s true that these principles can do a lot for a fledgling company that’s trying to get off t...

    Tags: Business, company, implementing lean startup principles, lean company, lean startup, lean startup methodologies, lean startups, organization

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