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  • Patient-Focused Scheduling Center Saves Healthcare Company $1.8 Million

    The healthcare industry is perfectly situated to benefit from continuous process improvement. Rapid growth in the industry, the use of innovative technology to improve patient care and higher standards demanded by patients have created a “perfect storm” for process improvement. In the...

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  • Can Lean Six Sigma Improve Spinal Fusion Surgeries? A Group of Surgeons Think It’s Possible

    Can a process improvement methodology most famously applied to the auto industry help spinal cord surgeons provide better care for their patients? Lean Six Sigma tools and techniques can be applied to improve any process, as spinal surgeons recently discovered after implementing the methodology i...

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  • University Students Apply Lean Six Sigma Theories to Solve Real-World Healthcare Challenges

    At Clarkson University in Potsdam, N.Y., students have taken the tools and techniques learned by becoming Lean Six Sigma Green Belts and applied them to helping local hospitals and health organizations become more efficient. Students successfully completed three projects with staff at Canton...

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  • Healthcare: Leadership from the Trenches

    The healthcare industry has always struggled with change. Some have embraced quality improvement initiatives and philosophies with significant results. Many others still are missing the mark. They are implementing ‘change management’ processes without embracing the true process. As a ...

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  • Lean Six Sigma Improving the Quality of American Healthcare

    In October 2018, three spinal surgeons published an article detailing how they applied the Plan-Do-Study-Act methodology to the surgeries they performed. All three praised the methodology for offering a systematic, straightforward approach to something as complicated as spinal surgery. The surgeo...

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  • California Hospital’s Success Shows Possibilities of Health IT, Lean Six Sigma

    A California hospital recently earned recognition for reaching the highest level of information technology adoption. Part of the operation’s success involved implementation of Lean Six Sigma. The success at Martin Luther King Jr. Community Hospital in Los Angeles shows the potential of Lea...

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  • Kansas Hospital Commits to Lean Process Improvement

    Process improvement can be one of those things that’s easy to read about, but hard to put into practice. That’s why, sometimes, it’s good to find a model – a person or organization who acted on what they learned about process improvement. Someone who created real, meaningf...

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  • Healthcare Companies Turn to Lean Six Sigma for Better Quality Care and Patient Outcomes

    Healthcare in the United States is undergoing a transformation as hospitals and other medical facilities switch to a value-based model that puts more emphasis on patient outcomes and efficiency. Getting there may require further implementation of innovative technology and a more data-driven busin...

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  • Process Improvement in Healthcare Starts with Physicians

    In November 2018, Physician’s Weekly published an article about quality improvement initiatives, and addressed why they can be hard to implement in clinical settings (specifically, according to the article, it’s hard to identify process improvement opportunities when you’re too ...

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  • Process Improvement Efforts Improve Safety, Lead to Award for Naval Health Clinic Hawaii

    The military continues to lead the way among government agencies in putting Lean Six Sigma to work in making operations more effective and efficient. The latest example comes from Hawaii, where a Naval health clinic has made the delivery of prescription medications safer. The Naval Health Clinic ...

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