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  • Fundamental Parts of Statistics for a Lean Leader

    Statistics is an integral part of lean methodologies, and any leader pursuing a professional development in the lean direction should definitely take a lot of time to fully grasp all the intricate details of the field that are relevant to their job. As it turns out, not all of the statistics are ...

    Tags: Business, developing a good understanding, leader, lean direction, lean methodologies, statistics in lean six sigma

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  • Where Is Six Sigma Being Adopted Outside of Manufacturing Right Now?

    While Six Sigma originated in manufacturing, it’s common knowledge nowadays that it’s being applied in many more fields. There are even some surprising implementations of lean methodologies around us, and one doesn’t have to look too far to find some amazing examples of the poss...

    Tags: Six Sigma, employee relations, familiar with six sigma, implementing six sigma, lean healthcare, lean methodologies

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  • Elimination of Muda is the Key to Efficiency

      Muda means waste and refers to a wide range of non-value-adding activities; eliminating waste is the key to efficiency. When you look at the Toyota Production System (TPS), eliminating Muda waste is one of the main principles of the Just-in-Time system. Some things that are considere...

    Tags: 7 Wastes, Customer Experience, Lean Manufacturing, continuous improvement, innovation, Kaizen, Lean Culture, lean manufacturing, lean methodologies, lean waste, manufacturing, Muda, organization

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  • Using Lean to Reduce Laboratory Errors

    The problem of errors in laboratory work is still a prevalent one in research fields, even though a lot of work is being done to address it. There are various steps that can be taken to minimize the risk of your data sets becoming polluted with incorrect results and other similar types of failur...

    Tags: Business, Lean Manufacturing, lean, lean methodologies, modern technology, organization, overstocking, reducing waste

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  • What Is Lean Startup?

    What Is Lean Startup? Starting a new business is a daunting task, no matter how much experience one may have in the field. There are different approaches to the problem, but it ultimately comes down to figuring out how to make the company’s idea start producing results as quickly as possib...

    Tags: Innovation, Lean Manufacturing, The Lean Startup, adapting to change, business, company, good lean startup, ideas in lean startup, improving a product, lean methodologies, lean startup, starting a new business, success of a business

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  • What Is Waste in the Context of Lean Government?

    What Is Waste in the Context of Lean Government? The fact that governments are wasteful in their work is a common stereotype. However, some people seem to end up hard pressed to give a more precise definition of specific waste they experience or deal with. It’s important to understand whe...

    Tags: Lean Manufacturing, Service Operations, employees, government efficiency, government organization, government waste, government workers, internal waste, lean government, lean methodologies, modern lean techniques

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  • Applying Lean to Education

    Applying Lean to Education Lean methodologies are a tried and proven concept in many areas – from manufacturing, to the military. It makes sense that people would try applying them in many different contexts, and, as it turns out, there is actually a lot one can do when this line of thinki...

    Tags: Experts, Service Operations, adapting lean, approach, Bob Emiliani, higher education, lean, lean beyond administraion, lean methodologies, lean practices, organization, waste

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  • How Much of a Company’s Daily Time Should Be Dedicated to Improvement Discussions?

    How Much of a Company’s Daily Time Should Be Dedicated to Improvement Discussions? Implementing lean methodologies in an organization is a time-consuming process, and it’s always an ongoing project, rather than a one-time activity. This makes it very important to approach the problem...

    Tags: Leadership, Lean Manager, Lean Manufacturing, company, daily improvement, implementing lean, lean concepts, lean implementation, lean methodologies, lean organization, organization, waste

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  • TPS and the Two Pillars of Lean

    When first learning about TPS and lean, most become focused on the tools. They tend to be flashy and lend to endless discussion about technique and application. But as you gain experience and understanding of lean and TPS, an epiphany occurs. The true essence and spirit of the applications are a...

    Tags: Customer Experience, Innovation, Leadership, Lean Manager, Lean Manufacturing, continuous improvement, innovation, Kaizen, leadership, lean, Lean Culture, lean manufacturing, lean methodologies, lean thinking, shmula blog, tps

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  • A Lean Workforce Starts with Lean Leadership

    A Lean Workforce Starts with Lean Leadership More and more companies are starting to realize the benefits of lean methodologies, and are trying to implement them in their own work. However, as they all inevitably quickly find out, lean is not a simple concept to tackle, and requires a lot of eff...

    Tags: Corporate Turnaround, Leadership, Lean Manager, Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, lean leadership, lean methodologies, lean workers, lean workplace, organization, six sigma certifications, six sigma levels

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