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  • Lean Accounting by Brian Maskell

    Tags: lean accounting, six sigma, Lean manufacturing


  • Lean accounting: a few key lessons from Wiremold

    INTERVIEW – In this interview, the former CFO of uber-lean company Wiremold explains why our finance people hold the key to our transformation and gives us the lowdown on lean accounting. (...) Original: http://planet-lean.com/lean-accounting-a-few-key-lessons-from-wiremold By: Orry Fiu...

    Tags: Change Management, lean accounting, financial accountability

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  • More Than Toast

    It’s hard to believe that 2018 is the 20th anniversary for the Toast Kaizen video.  After two decades, nearly one hundred and fifty thousand copies have been sold – in more than a dozen languages from Spanish to Icelandic.  It’s everywhere.  Several years ago, whi...

    Tags: lean manufacturing, Old Lean Dude, kaizen, kanban, lean, lean accounting, lean healthcare, lean thinking, Shingo Institute, shingo prize, six sigma, Toast Kaizen, toyota production system

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  • Traditional Accounting Systems -- They Don't Properly Value Time

    Lean advocates have long been critical of the fact that traditional accounting systems motivate over-production and promote building inventory. In her book, The Monetary Value of Time: Why Traditional Accounting Systems Make Customers Wait, the author, Joyce Warnacut, discusses the fact that trad...

    Tags: h. Thomas Jackson, Joyce Warnacut, Lean accounting, product cost, standard costing, The Monetary Value of Time, Time-Based Accounting (TBA), value stream

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