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  • Strategos Inc

    For more than 25 years the Strategos team has helped clients improve business operations. Based in Kansas City, Missouri, USA, we travel the world fortraining and consulting. Our Associates come from varied backgrounds and, together address a wide range of business and manufacturing issues.

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  • Status tags revisited

      Status tags are my preferred approach to visually attaching state metadata to work items. In plain english, what this means is that if you have a task, represented for example by a standard size Post-it, you would add a physical tag, represented by a smaller colored Post-it, to indicate ...

    Tags: Visual management, agile, elements, Kanban, Scrum, Task boards

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  • Visual Management Workshop at Agile 2009

    This is my recount of my session at Agile 2009 Chicago. It was titled “Visual Management for Agile Teams” and was part of the Manifesting Agility stage. The session went well, around 36 people came and left 27 session reviews. Many people found value in the practical, down-to-ear...

    Tags: Visual management, agile 2009, chicago, Kanban, Scrum, Task boards

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  • Pull System by Lean Concepts

    Now when you understand differences between push and pull it is time to go into more details regarding the Pull System.  In this video Mr. Isaac-Lowry covers following sections: Overview of the Traditional System Pull System Kanban Lot sizing Quick changeover Small lot summary Here you ...

    Tags: Flow, Kanban, Lean Tools

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  • Supermarket vs. FiFo – What Requires Less Inventory?

    To create pull production between two processes, you can add either a FiFo lane or a supermarket. In one case you will have the FiFo as part of a bigger kanban or CONWIP loop, and in the other case you split the value stream into two different kanban or CONWIP loops. Some questions that I &hellip...

    Tags: Inventory, Pull, Kanban, Material Flow

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  • What is Kanban and How Does It Support Improvement?

      There are dozens of methodologies, tools, and techniques that organizations use to support their continuous improvement efforts. We find that most successful companies pick a few approaches that work well for them. If improvement work stalls, or a new and different type of challenge arise...

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  • Kanban boards convert projects from circus to symphony

    Trying to manage a big project with a team can feel like running a circus. It’s hard to tame the tigers and herd the elephants while simultaneously balancing budgets and priorities on the high wire. It would be better if your team could work in concert, like the musicians in a symphony &md...

    Tags: Kanban, visual management, Human Resources, project management

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  • Have You Checked Your SMED, Lately!

    SMED stands for Single Minute Exchange of Dies. One of Shigeo Shingo’s and Toyota’s greatest gains in increasing flow was figuring out how to change the extremely large, heavy dies used to produce (stamp) the large body parts of different car models quickly. Toyota was able to improve...

    Tags: A3 Thinking, Flow, Kanban, Shigeo Shingo, SMED, Standardized Work

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  • Flow (One Piece Flow)

    In a Lean manufacturing setting, products are ideally “pulled” through the value stream, one piece at a time, continually. There might be times when batches greater than one are necessary. But, the goal with Lean is to find ways to reduce batch sizes in a way that improves flow withou...

    Tags: Flow, Just In Time (JIT), Kanban, Muda, Pull, Standardized Work, Value, Value Streams, Waste

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  • Kanban

    The Japanese word for “sign” or “signboard” is kanban. It is a visual means of requesting a resource, e.g. supplies, inventory, maintenance, doctors, etc. In many practices, inventory management is a perpetual problem.  It seems like it is always “feast or famin...

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