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  • Lean Mind

    Hi All, today , during my travel from the house to the work I reflected on something that I always reputed as a my limit, I have not a big memory !! Reflecting now I think that fortunately it is not a limit but it is an advantage and with this post I try to explain the reasons. How many memori...

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  • How to Make “Just in Time” Work – Part 2

    In my previous posts I explained what “Just in Time” is, and started with different actions on how to make “Just in Time” work. As it turns out, there are a lot of things you can do, and one blog post was not enough. So here’s part two on how to make “Just in T...

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  • Presentationeze.com

    The Information you need, provided in a easy to understand, visual format.

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  • Muri and Mura: Kingman’s Seven Lessons

    More than 100 flights cancelled and delays of sometimes over 20 hours with consequences for over 76,000 travelers. That was the sad result of Vueling’s planning policies according to an article in last week’s Dutch Financial Times and (in English) in El Pais. Experts stated ...

    Tags: Just-in-Time (JIT), News, Heijunka, JIT, Just in Time, Kanban, Lean, Mura, Muri, Planning, Waste, Yamazumi

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  • Delivering upon the Promise of Kanban

    Kanban implementations are often disappointing and short lived. Companies are promised better service, lower inventories and level demand. But more often the system is abandoned after a short period as it has turned the shop floor into chaos… What went wrong? We should understand a kanban...

    Tags: Built-in Quality (Jidoka), Just-in-Time (JIT), Coaching, Continual Improvement, Flow, Jidoka, JIT, Just in Time, Kaizen, Kanban, Leader Standard Work, Leadership, Lean, Problem-Solving, Pull, Standardization, Supply Chain, Value Stream

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  • Improving Flow: Selling “Level Selling”

    When you have been working on improving flow across the value stream, I am sure you have come across a situation where customers seem to order infrequently and erratically. We do our best and level the demand using the principle of heijunka, but still, this increases inventory and lead time. As a...

    Tags: Just-in-Time (JIT), Supplier Integration, JIT, Just in Time, Kanban, Lean, Pull, Purchasing, Sales, Supply Chain, Value Stream

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  • Using “Every Part, Every Interval” (EPEI) in Pull Flow

    End of 2014, early 2015, Christoph Roser wrote an interesting series of posts about leveling and heijunka that already triggered me at the time, as I have personally been involved in many leveling, pull flow, kanban and EPEI initiatives during my career. And although in many cases I can align mys...

    Tags: Just-in-Time (JIT), Reviews, Changeover, EPEI, Heijunka, JIT, Just in Time, Kanban, Lean, Pull, SMED, Supply Chain, Value Stream

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  • Pitfalls in Measuring Delivery Reliability

    Delivery reliability; there hardly is a company that is not measuring this in one way or another. After all, we all want and need to be customer-oriented, right? Measuring our delivery reliability should enable us to check the achievement of our objectives and taking the proper improvement action...

    Tags: Just-in-Time (JIT), Delivery Reliability, JIT, Just in Time, KPI, Lean, Supply Chain, Value Stream

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  • Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM): What’s New?

    Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM) is touted as the answer to Lean for hi-mix, lo-volume environments typically encountered in SMEs like job shops or machine builders. Personally, after having read the book and some papers about QRM, I got interested in QRM for the management of make-to-order pro...

    Tags: Just-in-Time (JIT), Flow, JIT, Just in Time, Kanban, Lead Time, Lean, POLCA, Pull, Push, QRM, Quick Response Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Value Stream

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  • Lean Equipment: Five Considerations for a Monument-Free Factory

    Within the context of Lean thinking, quite a lot of attention is given to the proper and smart maintenance of equipment and installations; and for a good reason. Poor maintenance, typically resulting in unplanned down-time, rejects and loss of speed, is still an important cause of poor delivery r...

    Tags: Total Productive Maintenance (TPM), Equipment, Flow, JIT, Just in Time, Lean, Poka Yoke, Strategy, Teamwork, TPM, Value Stream

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