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  • Amazon Enters Banking

    By Pascal Dennis (bio)Big news indeed, no?Amazon is a marvel, and perhaps the exception that proves a rule. Big companies are supposed to be slow, and well, slow.Yet Amazon is a colossus of intelligence, entrepreneurialism and advanced Lean thinking. Jeff Bezos is famously customer-focused and Am...

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  • A Peek Inside the Mind of Jeff Bezos

    It is not too often that the leader of a Fortune 500 gives you an insight into how their company achieves competitive advantage in the marketplace in a letter to shareholders, instead of launching into a page or two of flowery prose written by the Public Relations (PR) team that works for them. T...

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  • Lean Six Sigma Lessons We Can Learn From Jeff Bezos and Amazon

    There’s a lot to appreciate about Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. He’s a visionary. A leader. An innovator. He’s one of the greatest minds of our (or any) generation, and he’s used that brilliance to build one of the most extraordinary and unique businesses of the 21st century. H...

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  • Jeff Bezos Started Amazon by Answering This Simple Question

    Give an honest answer to one question and even the most complex and intractable decisions become a piece of cake. In the end, it’s not the knowledge you accumulated that you’ll think about but rather the decisions you made. I’ve taught graduate school for two decades. I’m ...

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  • Jeff Bezos Just Shared His Secret for Amazon’s Success (and Yours as Well)

    This one concept captures beautifully all of the trials, tribulations, and magic of the entrepreneurial spirit. Every so often you come across a concept so elegant in its simplicity that you can’t help but be drawn to it because of how easily it reduces even the most complex set of ideas in...

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  • Jeff Bezos Sums Up What Separates Winners from Dreamers in Just 2 Words

    There may be no single formula for success, but Jeff Bezos’s annual letter to stockholders comes darn close. Few figures have captured our attention the way Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos has. In just under 23 years, Amazon’s revenue has soared from $500,000 to $178,000,000,000, fr...

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  • The Most Important Work of Jeff Bezos is Not Amazon

    For all his wealth and power the most important work Jeff Bezos is doing is about as far removed from Wall Street and Silicon Valley as you can get. At a surprise appearance during Wired’s 25 anniversary summit Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos announced that he has plans to spend over $1 b...

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  • Professional Development – 12 Books That Inspired Jeff Bezos

    There is a saying that “success leaves clues.” If you look at successful people, you will find a common core of habits that contribute directly to their success. One of the most common habits is reading. Successful people across all industries dump the TV and read! They are voracious ...

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  • [VIDEO] A Day in the Life of Bezos

    What would it be like to be the richest person in the world? Could you imagine having more wealth than Bill Gates? Jeff Bezos is most know for his creation called Amazon, which is disrupting and dominating multiple industries on a global scale. He is also now the guy whose net worth is more than...


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