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  • What Protests and Revolutions Reveal About Innovation

    The following book review will appear in an issue of the Quality Management Journal later this year: The End of Protest: A New Playbook for Revolution.   2016.  Micah White.  Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Alfred A. Knopf Publishing.  317 pages. You may wonder why I’m ...

    Tags: Book Reviews, innovation, Quality Systems, Socio-Technical Systems, Technology Management, communication, continuous improvement, crisis, increasing innovation, inspiration, LinkedIn, management, motivation, quality, reflection, socio-technical, sociotechnical, value

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  • Innovation Tips for Strategic Planning

      Over the past 15 years, I’ve helped several organizations with continuous improvement initiatives at the strategic, executive level. There are a lot of themes that keep appearing and reappearing, so the purpose of this post is to call out just a few and provide some insights in how ...

    Tags: competitiveness, Education, innovation, quality, Quality Systems, Technology Management, analytics, impact, impact metrics, increasing innovation, LinkedIn, management, management improvement carnival, Measurement, metrics, productivity, value

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  • Free Speech in the Internet of Things (IoT)

    IF YOUR TOASTER COULD TALK, IT WOULD HAVE THE RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH. Image Credit: from “Reclaim Democracy” at http://reclaimdemocracy.org/who-are-citizens-united/ By the end of 2016, Gartner estimates that over 6.4 BILLION “things” will be connected to one another in the ...


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  • Quality 4.0: Reveal Hidden Insights with Data Sci & Machine Learning (Webinar)

    What’s Quality 4.0, why is it important, and how can you use it to gain competitive advantage? Did you know you can benefit from Quality 4.0 even if you’re not a manufacturing organization? That’s right. I’ll tell you more next week. Sign up for my 50-minute webinar at 2p...

    Tags: competitiveness, Data Science, Education, Industry 4.0, Internet of Things (IoT), quality, Quality 4.0, Quality Systems, ASQ, increasing innovation, innovation, LinkedIn, management, value, webinar

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  • How to Assess the Quality of a Chatbot

    Image Credit: Doug Buckley of http://hyperactive.to Quality is the “totality of characteristics of an entity that bear upon its ability to meet stated and implied needs.” (ISO 9001:2015, p.3.1.5) Quality assurance is the practice of assessing whether a particular product or service&nb...

    Tags: innovation, quality, Quality Systems, Socio-Technical Systems, Software Quality, Technology Management, chatbot, chatbots, continuous improvement, improvement, increasing innovation, LinkedIn, socio-technical, software

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  • Practical Poka-Yoke

    [Note: I’ve been away from the blog for several months now in the middle of very significant changes in my life. That’s about to change! In the next post, I’ll tell you about what happened and what my plans are for the future. In the meantime, I wanted to share something that ha...

    Tags: innovation, quality, Quality Systems, Socio-Technical Systems, Technology Management, continuous improvement, customer, customer service, increasing innovation, LinkedIn, management, reflection, value

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  • Quality 4.0: Let’s Get Digital

    Want to find out what Quality 4.0 really is — and start realizing the benefits for your organization? Check out this month’s issue of ASQ’s Quality Progress, where my new article (“Let’s Get Digital“) does just that. Quality 4.0 — which we’re workin...

    Tags: Data Science, Industry 4.0, innovation, quality, Quality 4.0, Quality Systems, Technology Management, ASQ, competitiveness, data science, increasing innovation, LinkedIn, management, technology

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  • Happy 10th Birthday!

    10 years ago today, this blog published its first post: “How Do I Do a Lean Six Sigma (LSS) Project?” Looking back, it seems like a pretty simple place to have started. I didn’t know whether it would even be useful to anyone, but I was committed to making my personal PDSA cycles...

    Tags: competitiveness, Education, quality, Quality Systems, Random Thoughts, Socio-Technical Systems, Technology Management, ASQ, continuous improvement, customer, data science, increasing innovation, innovation, lessons learned, LinkedIn, management, socio-technical, sociotechnical, value

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  • Quality 4.0 in Basic Terms (Interview)

    On October 12th I dialed in to Quality Digest Live to chat with Dirk Dusharne, Editor-in-Chief of Quality Digest, about Quality 4.0 and my webinar on the topic which was held yesterday (October 16). Check out my 13-minute interview here, starting at 14:05! It answers two questions: What is Qualit...

    Tags: competitiveness, Industry 4.0, innovation, Internet of Things (IoT), quality, Quality 4.0, Quality Systems, Technology Management, ASQ, collaboration, continuous improvement, engagement, foresight, increasing innovation, LinkedIn, management, value

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