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  • Rating Yourself Is Important to Growth

    Personal improvement is important.  It shows others a person is will to take a hard look at themselves and hold themselves accountable for their actions. When others see a person doing this it can cause them to take action to improve.  This is what happened with me. I saw my colleague r...

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  • Always Keep the Door Open

    Opportunities seem to present themselves when you least expect it.  Not when you are trying to seek out an opportunity. That is why it is important to keep as many doors open.  It increases the possibility of an opportunity. Network with people in new areas.  This can open the door...

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  • It’s Not Always About the Big Improvement

    With any improvement philosophy, people always want the BIG improvement.  When there are none to be had a re-organization or a shift in direction is implemented.  This may work for a short period of time, but eventually the results normalize back to their old levels. A uniqueness with l...

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  • Make better or make money?

    How do you measure your success? How much money you make? Or how much you make the world a better place? Capitalism is a driving force of our societies, and like any force it has a Light and a Dark side. The Light: Bring products and services to people to liberate them from material constrain...

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  • Three ways to becoming a purpose-driven leader today!

      Why does purpose matter?  Purpose is often overlooked when an organization is determining its operational strategy and business goals. Most organizations leave their mission and purpose in their company’s handbook.  But. If an organization has a sense of purpose and fulfil...

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  • “You Gotta Kata,” Now What?

    After executing a plan to incorporate kata into his organization's daily routines, Craig Stritar was surprised to find that nobody had followed through on their learnings. This is the story of his investigation into the problem, plus the countermeasures to what he identified as the root cause. Re...

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  • Driving Improvement Through Systems Thinking | Gregg Stocker

    “[…] When starting an improvement effort, I usually ask about the minimum target the team is attempting to achieve.  The answer is often something made up on the spot or a generalization, like as much as possible.  Improvement efforts should … Continue reading →...

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  • How Do Principals Really Improve Schools?

      Schools in the United States are currently in a precarious position. It looks as though the Federal Department of Education is pivoting toward a school choice model and past legislation, such as No Child Left Behind and Race to the Top, pushed schools to incorporate research into their sc...

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  • 5 Unexpected Benefits of Improving from the Bottom Up

      What are the traits you look for when you hire new employees? If you’re like most people, you’re looking for employees that are intelligent, capable, problem solvers who take the initiative to get stuff done and do it well. It’s a shame that these same people who got hir...

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  • Second-Quarter US Growth Rate of 2.6% Underscores Resilience

    Consumer spending led the rebound last quarter, helped by a steady job market and household finances boosted by stock and home-equity gains. Original: http://www.industryweek.com/data-and-statistics/second-quarter-us-growth-rate-26-underscores-resilience By: Shobhana ChandraPosted: July 2...

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