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  • Lean Healthcare – Spend Some Time with Mark Graban

    Mark Graban is an internationally recognized leader in Lean healthcare and continuous improvement. His motivation is to apply Lean and Toyota Production System principles to improve quality of care and patient safety, to improve the customer-patient experience, to help the development of medical ...

    Tags: Customer Satisfaction Survey, Experts, General, Leadership, Lean Healthcare, healthcare, hospitals, lean, lean six sigma, lean thinking, patient care, process improvement, quality, shmula

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  • Establishing Lean Healthcare Believers When Professional Society Allegiance Impedes Engagement

    When implementing lean in a healthcare organization, it's not uncommon to encounter resistance from medical professionals set in their traditional ways. Resistance is natural in any lean transformation, but Kathryn Correia has pinpointed a root cause of healthcare lean resistance that goes much d...

    Tags: culture, engagement, standardized work, lean leadership, healthcare

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  • Making Design Thinking Work in Complex Ecosystems

    Whilst the practice of “build-test-fail-learn-iterate” can lead to elegant innovation and superior user experiences in relatively simple, linear 1:1 company-customer markets such as consumer goods or tech, in markets characterised by many stakeholders with often competing interests, d...

    Tags: innovation, innovation excellence, Book Review, Design, Leadership, Uncategorized, Design Thinking, health, healthcare, Healthcare Policy, Innovation Ecosystem, Value Creation

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  • Lean Transformation: Have You Hit the “Lean Plateau?”

    After realizing that that their five-year track record of continuous improvement was leveling out, Craig Stritar and his team knew they would have to get creative. Find out the methods they used to fight their way off the "lean plateau." Original: http://www.lean.org/lp/604by : Craig Stri...

    Tags: coaching, continuous improvement, improvement kata, healthcare

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  • Japan Gemba Visit: Toyota Memorial Hospital – Part 2: “Our human resources are our power”

    In the first post in a series of reflections from my visit to Toyota Memorial Hospital (TMH) in Toyota City, Japan, I declared that Toyota Memorial is [...] Original: http://kbjanderson.com/japan-gemba-visit-toyota-memorial-hospital-part-2-focus-on-people-because-our-human-resources-...

    Tags: Gemba/Site visit, Lean, daily management system, healthcare, hospital, japan, Japanese hospital, Toyota, Toyota Memorial Hospital, TPS

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  • Innovation: Changing the Culture In Healthcare

    Changing the Culture Innovation and changing the culture of a healthcare organization can be a monumental challenge. Innovation can be defined as the process of translating an idea or invention into a good or service that creates value or for which customers will pay. To be called an innova...

    Tags: Corporate Turnaround, Lean Healthcare, Six Sigma, culture, healthcare, innovation, lean six sigma

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  • Quality Awards Recognize Medical Center

    Healthcare is an ever-evolving industry that is achieving significant results with quality initiatives. Leaders are learning from other industries the value of Lean Six Sigma programs in their operations. There has never been more pressure for healthcare providers to perform. With healthcare cost...

    Tags: Business, Leadership, Lean Healthcare, Six Sigma, healthcare, lean six sigma, memorial medical center, patient care, quality, quality awards

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  • You Need More Smoke Detectors: Countering Firefighting with Leader Standard Work

    Excessive firefighting is a major threat to lean transformations - it may seem easier to time-strapped managers, but it does nothing to foster a culture of problem-solving thinkers. Aaron Hunt of Washington Health System knows this all too well, and now shares his organization's favorite firefigh...

    Tags: healthcare, Problem solving, standardized work

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  • IBM Announces Inaugural Health Corps Winners

    by Angela Guess According to a recent press release, “IBM today named the first five winners of the company’s new IBM Health Corps grants, providing $2.5 million worth of public health-related pro bono consulting by some of IBM’s most talented employees around the world over the...

    Tags: big data, data management, Data Daily | Data News, Data Education, Education Resources For Use & Management of Data, Smart Data News, Articles, & Education, artificial intelligence, cognitive computing, health data, healthcare, IBM

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  • Lean Optimization: The 5s Cure for the EHR

        Can we find a cure for the EHR (electronic health record) through lean optimization and the 5S? The EHR is a digital version of a patient’s paper chart. It contains the medical history, diagnoses, medications, treatment plans, immunization dates, allergies, radiology images,...

    Tags: Electronic Medical Records, Lean Healthcare, Operations Management, Six Sigma Tools, ehr, healthcare, lean optimization, quality improvement, shmula.com

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