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  • What is Happiness? Happy Melly Founder, Jurgen Appelo tells all – Live from his book tour

    Sam speaks candidly with Jurgen, about the secret to happiness, his upcoming birthday and how to implement the 12 Steps to Happiness in your daily life – all live from his Managing for Happiness book tour. For more happiness, visit www.happymelly.com. Download out this podcast episode! Subs...

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  • Want happiness at work? Lead life with gratitude

    As part of our Weekly Happiness Challenge, we’re sometimes going to be focusing on one of the 12 Ways to Be Happy. This week we’re focusing on the gift that everyone likes to receive but we often forget to give, the first step of Thank. Thank someone and be appreciative toward yo...


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  • The Agile Mindset: Individuals and interactions over processes and tools

    This is the very first value listed in the Agile Manifesto. Individuals and interactions is all about the agile mindset and the behaviors that “being agile” is all about. Unfortunately, in many “agile” organizations, we still spend most of our time thinking about and worki...

    Tags: Agile and lean principles, Employee Engagement Exercises, Entrepreneurial Skills & Small Business Resources, How To Motivate Employees, ImprovAgility, Motivational, Weekly Happiness Challenge, Agile Manifesto, AgileImprov, happiness, improv exercises, improvisation theatre, motivation

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  • The three types of empathy worth developing

    This is the second blog in a two-part series about the power of emotional intelligence. In the first article we delved into self-reflection and self-awareness – the ability to name and identify our feelings so that ultimately we can take control of our actions. Part two will explore the nex...

    Tags: Entrepreneurial Skills & Small Business Resources, How To Become An Entrepreneur, Motivational, communication, Compassion, Emotional Intelligence, empathic acknowledgment, empathy, EQ, happiness, job satisfaction, self-awareness, TED talks

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  • Are you living in sync with your values?

    One of the first things I do with my coaching clients is that I get them to define their values. It’s something that both baffles and assures me when they tell me that they’ve never even thought about it before. It baffles me because we need our values to help form the core of who [&h...

    Tags: How to be happy at work, How to Increase Productivity, Motivational, alignment with values, company values, core values, happiness, integrity scan, personal values, values, Zappos

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  • Four questions to think about before starting a business

    I’ve worked my fair share of jobs and I’ve felt differently about each one. Some I liked, some I tolerated, and some work I downright hated. One thing that’s been universal though is that I’ve never felt fully satisfied. It’s not that I didn’t like the work, it...

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  • Screen addiction and how to beat it

    TV’s, cars, home/work computers, laptops, tablets, sat-navs, advertising billboards, information radiators, video games, e-readers, mobile phones, shopping checkouts, you name it – screens have taken over and are everywhere. It seems that there’s no escaping them in to...

    Tags: How to Increase Productivity, Mindfulness, Uncategorized, Weekly Happiness Challenge, Work Life Balance Tips, 10 tips to cure phone addictions, addiction, habits, happiness, phone notifications, productivity hacks, screen, strengthen work relationships

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  • Four ways to turn goals into habits

    “Sow a thought, reap an action; sow an action, reap a habit; sow a habit, reap a character; sow a character, reap a destiny.” — Stephen Covey paraphrasing Ghandi. I read an article recently that struck a chord. It was about the difference between habits and goals and why, i...

    Tags: How to Increase Productivity, Motivational, goals, Habits and goals, happiness, happiness at work, motivation, productivity

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  • Finding Your Happy Place

    Going through photos this morning I stumbled upon a picture of me heli skiing (helicopter skiing) in Alaska and it put the biggest smile on my face. This trip was a gift from all of my friends and family and something I’d been saving up to do for 12 years. Standing atop the Chugach mountain...

    Tags: Mindfulness, Motivational, Weekly Happiness Challenge, happiness, Happiness is, happy at work, Happy place, happy triggers

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  • Six great leadership books to read this holiday season

    The holidays are upon us and what better way to spend them than by catching up on your reading. I interviewed a fabulous woman on our Happy Melly podcast the other day, Lolly Daskal, who for the past several decades has woken up at 4am so she can read one book a day. She calls […]Original:...


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