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  • 5 Proven Strategies to Lift Your Mood and Improve Your Wellbeing

    Want to be happier? Then you’re in the right place because today I’m going to show you 5 proven strategies that will lift your mood and improve your wellbeing. The best part? All of these strategies are backed by science. Let’s dive right in. Mood lifting strategy #1: Be optimis...

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  • 5 Tips to Create a Livelier Workplace

    Have you spent much time thinking about how your employees feel about their work? It’s understandable if you haven’t made this line of thinking a priority in the past. As a leader, you have a lot of things competing for your attention, and workplace happiness can seem like a low prior...


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  • Bulletproof Strategy of How to Be Happy at Work

    Over 50% of people are not happy at work and therefore are not effective. It would be so nice if your career is like a path strewn with roses… but am I right to say that now it is a bit like a path with an unclear destination and a bunch of little puddles here […]Original: https://w...

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  • What Are the Happiest Professions?

    Happiness and satisfaction at work aren’t always tied to a salary. CareerBliss, a massive fulfillment-focus job search website comprised of millions of independent company reviews and salary listing, carries out the leading survey of job satisfaction in America. As we’ll see, the resu...

    Tags: Happy Working Case Studies, How to be happy at work, be happy, creating a happy environment, employee motivation, get happy, happiness as work, happy at work, happy employees, happy workers, improving performance, improving skills, motivation

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  • 6 Happiness and Wellness Practices Around the World

    Are you happy at work? The average person will spend about 90,000 hours of their life working. If you think about it, that’s a pretty staggering amount of time to spend in misery! It shouldn’t come as a surprise that being happier at work will increase your productivity. What’s ...

    Tags: Mindfulness, Motivational, be happy, being happy, eat happy, get happy, happiness, happiness at work, happy life, happy work, live well, wellbeing, wellness

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  • Here’s Why You Should Never Fake Being Happy at Work

    The philosophy of positive thinking is ruling the business world. It’s a mantra that most managers keep repeating, reminding each other that they all need to stay positive. We bet you’ve heard something like this too many times already: Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again...

    Tags: How to be happy at work, Motivational, be happy, being happy, being happy at work, faking happiness, get happy, happiness at work, positive working, positivity, positivity at work, workplace positivity

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  • 7 Ways to Keep Your Employees Happy At Work

    A productive workplace is up to the attitude of its employees. A happy employee will be more likely to work harder and feel comfortable with their job, leading to the success of the worker and company alike. We’ve put together a quick guide to keeping your employees smiling in the office an...

    Tags: How to be happy at work, How To Motivate Employees, being happy, better management, creating a happy environment, creating a happy workplace, get happy, happiness, happiness at work, happy employees, happy work, how to be a better manager, motivating employees

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