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  • Il feedback come strumento di incentivazione in the group Lean Six Sigma Italia

    Vedere personale demotivato in azienda è sempre più frequente e spesso questo lo si attribuisce all'assenza di piani di incentivazione economici atti a premiare l'eccellenza tra gli addetti ai lavori. Questa spesso è solo la risposta più semplice ed approssimat...

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  • Communication Needs Feedback

    Building a culture for your Lean processes to thrive on can be very difficult without the right tools and skills within the population of your facility. Lean is no different than safety or any other process your organization implements, it takes a culture that believes and thrives on the ideas yo...

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  • Business Transformation Is All About Feedback

      The purpose of a business is to create customers.Sharper performance results in more and happier customersThus… we aim to optimize performance, hence the business term: Performance Management. Sounds simple, but of course it isn’t. Humans have a lust for control and have dev...


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  • The Feedback

    What is the feedback ? It is the process in which the effect or output of an action is 'returned' (fed-back) to modify the next action. In an organizational context, feedback is the information sent to an entity (individual or a group) about its prior behavior so that the entity may adjust its c...

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  • Don’t ‘Take note of my feedback’ Act on it!

      A little while ago, James Robbins, now Group CIO at Drax Group, said to me: ’John, I enjoy reading your blogs but does nothing good ever happen in your world?’ Well of course it does but in general those good things are less interesting to write and read about. A headline read...

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  • The Stories We Tell About Ourselves – Narrative and Trust

    There’s a lot of talk about narrative these days. In fact, we all tell stories all the time – from what we communicate to customers about our brand, goods and services to the voice inside our head that is constantly “telling” us who we are (hopefully, not too many voices a...

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    Performance reviews: just the words can fill us with dread, whether manager or team member. We surveyed 150 people last week on the words that sprung to mind, and they included “difficult conversations”, “delivering bad news”, “time-consuming”, “negative&...

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  • Audience Answers: Burning Platforms?

    I have been sharing thoughts for a while, now it is your turn.  I wan to hear your feedback on some questions that I have been pondering. Many Lean transformations stories start with a burning platform. The term is used to describe an extremely urgent or compelling business situation in orde...

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  • Feedback geben leicht gemacht in the group Lean Six Sigma Deutschland

    Feedback hilft dabei, Ihre Entwicklung positiv voranzutreiben und auch Ihr Team zu stärken. Doch Feedback zu geben, ist nicht so einfach! Wir zeigen Ihnen 8 Schritte, mit denen Ihre Kritik gelingt. Original: http://www.management-circle.de/blog/feedback-geben-leicht-gemacht/ By: Marina Vo...

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