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  • What Is Digital Transformation?

    Organizations across all industries are undertaking “digital transformation” projects. But, what exactly is it? And, are they doing it right? At it’s core, Digital Transformation is driven by the tangible shift in the role of the technology within an organization.  No long...

    Tags: Information Technology, Operations & Supply Chain, Strategy, Marketing, & Sales, Accenture, Customer Decision Journey, customer experience, digital transformation, Digital Transformation Strategy, Internet of Things, IoT, McKinsey, Nonstop Customer Experience Model

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  • Customer Satisfaction is dead! Customer Experience is the X Factor in business today!

    Does your organization know the difference between customer satisfaction and customer experience? Customer satisfaction was the buzzword in the 90’s if your company was focused on customer service. Companies used to survey their customers by sending them what they called, a “customer...

    Tags: customer experience, customer satisfaction, Customer relationship

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  • Customer Experience Design

    Customer Experience Design: breakthrough services through customer experience mapping Why do so many fall short when designing solutions and experiences for their customers? There are really many reasons, starting with not understanding the real needs and expectations of the customers well enoug...

    Tags: Articles, Media Type, Role Focus, Strategy Deployment Lead, Strategy Lead, Whitepapers, customer experience

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  • Marketing, Milkshakes and Understanding Your Customers

    McDonald’s Milkshakes McDonald’s had a problem. They weren’t selling enough milkshakes. You’ll soon discover, that wasn’t actually the problem. That’s what McDonald’s found out when it hired a team of researchers to figure out why milkshake sales were slu...

    Tags: Business Management, Off The Wall, Tools and Software, customer experience, Customer Needs and Requirements, Kano Model, root cause, voice of the customer

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  • Customer Experience Strategy: Why Being Customer Centric Is Critical to Business Success

    Editor’s Note:  Shane Goldberg is the founder of CustCore Consulting, a boutique consulting firm focused on helping businesses unlock hidden growth through improving end-to-end Customer and Employee Experience.  His firm also sells Customer Strategy consulting frameworks on F...

    Tags: Strategy, Marketing, & Sales, customer experience, Customer Experience Strategy, customer strategy

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  • Who is a Lean Sensei: A Master of Lean Principles and a Teacher

    Quickly, without doing an internet search, pick the names from this list of real and fictional people who you think is a sensei. Mr. Miyagi in “Karate Kid” F. Scott Fitzgerald Yu Shu Lien in “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” Albert Einstein Tom Brady Gandalf the Grey If you...

    Tags: Careers, Off The Wall, Six Sigma, customer experience, Gemba Walk, Kaizen Event, lean sensei

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  • 10 Principles or Key Ingredients of a Thoughtful Customer Strategy

    In these challenging times, it’s no longer enough to target a few, select purchasers and develop products for that clientele.  The key ingredient that most leaders overlook while serving their clients is a thoughtful and planned Customer Strategy. A robust Customer Strategy entails spe...

    Tags: Strategy, Marketing, & Sales, customer experience, Customer Relationship Management, customer segmentation, customer strategy, Omnichannel customer experience

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  • The Achilles Heel of Customer Journey Mapping

    Journeying through western Wyoming. Image Credit: me. Achilles was that guy in Greek mythology whose mother, when he was born, wanted to protect him soooo much that she held him by the heel and dipped him in the power-giving waters of the River Styx — making him bullet proof (and much ...


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  • Designing Experiences for Authentic Engagement: The Design for STEAM Canvas

    As Industry 4.0 and Digital Transformation efforts bear their first fruits, capabilities, business models, and the organizations that embody them are transforming. A century ago, we thought of organizations as machines to be rigidly designed and controlled. In the latter part of the 20th century,...

    Tags: Education, Industry 4.0, Innovation, Management, Technology Management, Uncategorized, customer experience, design for steam, education, engagement, marketing, STEAM, trade shows, user experience

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  • Lean Six Sigma Offers Retailers A Way to Improve Processes and Customer Satisfaction

    Created for use in manufacturing, Six Sigma and Lean have since been put to use in a number of industries. That includes healthcare, information technology and even government. Another industry that business leaders have found can greatly benefit from Lean and Six Sigma is retail. Companies that...

    Tags: Methodology, Six Sigma, Tools and Software, customer experience, six sigma benefits, Six Sigma retail, six sigma tools

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