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  • How Does Continuous Improvement Help Procurement?

    Six Sigma is a methodology whose origins can be traced to manufacturing and uses metrics to determine the quality of the processes. What is its objective? To fine-tune processes to perfection. This is done by identifying faults and reducing deviations within the system. Six Sigma has been found ...

    Tags: Business, ctq, methodology, process improvement, six sigma

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  • 3 Tips for Incorporating Six Sigma into Your Sourcing Process

    Six Sigma is a set of techniques and tools used for process improvement that was developed by Motorola and promoted by General Electric. These set of tools and techniques have a wide range of applications beyond manufacturing. The application of the Six Sigma methodologies in sourcing and procur...

    Tags: Six Sigma, critical to quality, ctq, dmaic, general electric, motorola, reduction of cycle time, six sigma methodologies

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