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  • Statistical Process Control (SPC): Are You Monitoring the Behavior?

      Are you monitoring vital behavior using Statistical Process Control (SPC)? Operating a business is is all about knowing what is going on across all of your platforms. For many who hear that statement, there are objections to the concept. Some feel it is micro-management. Others feel that ...

    Tags: Corporate Turnaround, Lean Manager, Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma Tools, control charts, lean six sigma, quality, quality tools, statistical process control

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  • SPC : The first charts, X-Chart, R-Chart, S-Chart

    In the previous article we have outlined the three main features of a statistical distribution: Location, Spread and Shape. We also defined the term "Measurement" and its possible definition domains "Discreet" and "Continuous". When we talk about Statistical Process Control (SPC), in ...

    Tags: x-chart, R-Chart, S-Chart, control charts, SPC

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  • X-Chart , R-Chart, S-Chart template and calculation

    Simple but effective file for learning the basic for the creation of Control Charts: X-Chart, R-Chart, S-Chart

    Tags: X-Chart, R-Chart, S-Chart, SPC, control charts


  • Why you SHOULDN’T try to improve performance measures!

    Imagine you come across a right mess of performance tat, all targets and comparisons against this time last year. Like this!   You’d want to try and fix it wouldn’t you? Turn them into measures of purpose, chuck the targets and … Continue reading → Original: h...

    Tags: command and control, measures, systems thinking, control charts, performance measures, targets, thinking system performance

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  • How to be hopelessly untrendy

    I got me some data! Done gone put it in a graph! Added meself a TRENDLINE! And me answer is THE TREND IS DOWNWARDS! This is what happens when people get data and have excel. They stick it in and press … Continue reading → Original: https://thinkpurpose.com/2016/10/20/how-to-be...

    Tags: command and control, data, statistics, systems thinking, control charts, trends, variation

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  • Deming Lecture by Dr. Jeff Wu on Quality Improvement from Autos to Nanotechnology

      Deming Lecture at the 2012 ASA Joint – Quality Improvement: From Autos and Chips to Nano and Bio” by Jeff Wu, Georgia Institute of Technology. One of the points Dr. Wu mentioned is Shewhart called common causes, chance causes, and special causes, assignable causes. I must say...

    Tags: data, process thinking, video, control charts, Dr. Deming, engineering, experimentation, history, process improvement, quality tools, special cause, statistics, webcasts

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  • Applying Understanding of Variation to Large Datasets

    Understanding Variation by Thomas Nolan, Rocco J. Perla and Lloyd Provost. There have been large changes in the use of data since the publication of Understanding Variation, by Thomas Nolan and Lloyd Provost. The new article discusses how to use an understanding of variation when working with lar...

    Tags: data, process thinking, systems thinking, control charts, process improvement, quality tools, special cause, statistics, understanding variation

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  • Industrial Statistics – Research vs Practice

      2013 American Statistical Association (ASA) Deming Lecture: Industrial Statistics – Research vs Practice by Vijay Nair, University of Michigan. In his talk Dr. Nair referenced the article, W. Edwards Deming: The Story ofa Truly Remarkable Person, by Robert B. Austenfeld. He also re...

    Tags: process thinking, video, control charts, interaction, research, spc, statistics, webcasts

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  • How to Create a Control Chart for Managing Performance Metrics

      Recently, I presented a webinar titled "How to Manage Your Improvement Metrics More Efficiently and Effectively." You can watch the recording and see the slides here. In the webinar, I explained how to use simple, but effective statistical methods to better evaluate and manage your metri...

    Tags: control charts, Metrics

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  • Application of Statistical Methods in 1940

    Dave Nave found an interesting forward from a set of 1985 standards on Control Charts. It describes how those standards were created as part of the World War II war effort, with Dr. Deming on the committee. Subsequently the standards were transfer to ASQ/ANSI. From the forward Upon request by the...

    Tags: data, Dr. Deming, understanding variation, control charts, history, spc

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