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  • The art of public speaking: developing presence and overcoming the fear

    This is the first blog in a two-part series about confidence and the art of public speaking Seinfeld put it perfectly when he described how the majority of us viscerally feel when we think about public speaking. He said: “At a funeral most people would rather be in the casket than at the pu...

    Tags: How To Motivate Employees, Motivational, Amy Cuddy, art of public speaking, Bob Burg, communication, Confidence, Facebook, fear of public speaking, Go Giver, Happiness is, job satisfaction, knowledge, Listening, Presence, Public speaking, Relationships, Sheryl Sandberg, TED talks

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  • Drop the F-Bomb occasionally to keep your team on task. in the group Lean Leadership

    More often than not managers are not (or dare I say never) at the helm of a self-directing dream team. That is, a team of overachievers that always remains on task, can change priorities to match the organization’s needs, and never makes mistakes. In reality a manager will not have a self-...

    Tags: communication, leadership, setting priorities

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  • Crises and Communication - the important art of listening to your team's cries for help. in the group Lean Leadership

    I speak from experience here, in fact we all do… when we were young – before we uttered our first words – we cried to get attention. We wanted our parents to listen to help solve a problem. We were cold, we were hungry, or our tummy’s hurt. In fact, reading medical journa...

    Tags: communication, crisis management, leadership

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  • An S&OP Communication Plan: The Final Step in Support of Company Strategy

    Preview Over the past 30 years, S&OP has generally advanced beyond the goals of balancing supply and demand. In recent Foresight articles, Mark Moon and Pete Alle (Spring 2015) discussed the integration of finance and senior leadership into supply-chain planning, while Dean Sorense...

    Tags: Articles, Media Type, Role Focus, Strategy Execution, Strategy Lead, Vision, communication

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  • How to bridge the strategy to execution gap

    A business strategy is only as good as its execution. Still many businesses struggle to periodically align their strategy with their annual plans, performance and appraisal settings and execution. This contributes to a lack of employee engagement in strategy and a low success rate of strategy exe...

    Tags: Articles, Best practice, Engagement, Media Type, Role Focus, Strategy Deployment Lead, Strategy Execution, Strategy Lead, Synthesis, alignment, communication, culture

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  • What Protests and Revolutions Reveal About Innovation

    The following book review will appear in an issue of the Quality Management Journal later this year: The End of Protest: A New Playbook for Revolution.   2016.  Micah White.  Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Alfred A. Knopf Publishing.  317 pages. You may wonder why I’m ...

    Tags: Book Reviews, innovation, Quality Systems, Socio-Technical Systems, Technology Management, communication, continuous improvement, crisis, increasing innovation, inspiration, LinkedIn, management, motivation, quality, reflection, socio-technical, sociotechnical, value

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  • Free Speech in the Internet of Things (IoT)

    IF YOUR TOASTER COULD TALK, IT WOULD HAVE THE RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH. Image Credit: from “Reclaim Democracy” at http://reclaimdemocracy.org/who-are-citizens-united/ By the end of 2016, Gartner estimates that over 6.4 BILLION “things” will be connected to one another in the ...


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  • Is EQ becoming the new IQ? The power of emotional intelligence

    This is the first blog in a two-part series about how to develop our emotional intelligence. I’m going to kick off this article with something I like to refer to as the Aristotle Challenge. The philosopher said: Anybody can become angry, that is easy. But to be angry with the right&nbs...

    Tags: Contests, How to Increase Productivity, How To Motivate Employees, Motivational, Uncategorized, communication, conflict resolution, Daniel Goleman, Emotional Intelligence, empathy, EQ, IQ, leadership success, motivation, Professional success, self-awareness, self-reflection

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  • What Topics Would You Like Us to Discuss on Out Blog?

    What topics would you like us to explore in future posts on this blog? What questions would you like us respond to? One of the goals for this blog is to engage the community of readers in sharing there thoughts on the ideas we discuss. Please share your comments on the blog posts and respond to ...

    Tags: The W. Edwards Deming Institute, blogs, communication

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  • How to Develop a Better Initial Understanding of Client Requirements

    Miscommunication is one of the most common problems that hinders the progress of an organization, and resolving with that issue at its root is a good idea if you have plans to expand significantly. It will only get worse in the future if these issues are allowed to fester, and one of the areas th...

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