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  • How Will You Win? (Strategically Speaking)

    Even if your “Where to Play” (see last post) is not particularly unique, there are always ways to win. Case in point: corner coffee shops, so common they’re found in just about every town and city on the planet. Nothing at all special or unusual about that space. Who wins in tha...

    Tags: innovation, innovation excellence, Strategy, coffee, coffee shops, play to win, Retailers, Roger Martin, Starbucks

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  • Lessons from Perfecting the Pour Over

    For years my wife and I had been fans of our Keurig.  Pop in a pod and in a minute you had a decent cup of coffee.  Simple, clean, and seemingly “lean” since the process was optimized with very little waste.  That changed when The Atlantic published an article in 2015 d...

    Tags: Lean, 5S, coffee, coffee maker, just in time, kaizen, kettle, Keurig, pour over, standard work, waste

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  • Best Coffee Types For Ultimate Productivity At Work

    Getting The Cocktail Right Coffee. It’s the most accepted substance containing a psychoactive drug in modern history. Caffeine is psychoactive, and your body will develop a physical dependence on it with continued use. That’s one reason you truly do need your coffee in the morning, an...

    Tags: How to Increase Productivity, How To Motivate Employees, being productive at work, coffee, Daily productivity routine, how to be productive, how to boost productivity, Productivity at work, Productivity tips, work productivity

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  • Set a positive mood for your working day with these morning hacks

    Another day in the office? If you’re not careful, one day starts to blend into the next, and you find yourself working on auto-pilot – developing bad habits that are no good for your productivity or your soul! It’s possible to turn this tendency around, however, with just a few ...

    Tags: How to be happy at work, Mindfulness, being happy at work, being mindful, breaking bad habits, coffee, creating good habits, happiness at work, happy mindset at work, increase productivity, productivity

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  • Ways to practice gratitude

    Thanksgiving is here and thankfulness is in the air! Everyone’s minds are probably on decorating pumpkins with the kids, watching football with their friends and sharing a delicious turkey with their family to commemorate the holiday. Although Thanksgiving is always celebrated at home, ther...

    Tags: Mindfulness, Motivational, being thankful, coffee, express gratitude, gratitude, gratitude at work, practicing gratitude, saying thank you, thankfulness, thanksgiving

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  • Future of Innovation is Highlighted By These Two Amazingly Simple Products

    All too often, we ignore the most obvious and valuable ideas because of this. If you’re a Shark Tank junkie, like I am, you’ve probably noticed that some of the best ideas the sharks invest in are pretty mundane and straight-forward. Take the for example the ridiculously popular Scrub...

    Tags: innovation, innovation excellence, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, biodiesel, coffee, Royal Dutch Shell, Scrub Daddy, Shell, sustainability

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