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  • Successful Global S&OP

    Successful Global S&OP: leadership, change management, behaviour and cross-cultural differences Executive summary The success of Global S&OP depends on, among other things, how well a company adapts to the local culture when developing and implementing it. This articles explains why cul...

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  • Transformation: How to Apply SoPK

    Transformation: How to Apply the System of Profound Knowledge (SoPK) presentation by Tripp Babbit at our 2015 research conference. Tripp also moderates our Deming Institute podcast.   Tripp discusses Kurt Lewin’s change model: unfreezing – overcoming “interim” ...

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  • The 2,500 year old lesson everybody ignores cos it’s too hard

    Harold MacMillan was once asked, what is most likely to blow governments off course, he replied… Events dear boy, events. And events is what organisations continue to believe will change things, events meaning one off things that happen. When they … Continue reading →Original: ...

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  • The 6D approach to Organizational Transformation

    This presentation is geared towards providing a basic understanding of the 6D approach to organizational transformation from a HRD perspective. This approach can serve as a basis for future strategy development within the organizational transformation domain. The 6D approach to Organizatio...

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  • What Would Mr. Selfridge Think of Sears? Back to the Future of Retail

    The Wall Street Journal hailed the ‘Mr. Selfridge’ TV series as “addicting”. It elaborately tells the tale of Harry Selfridge, the American retail king of London who brought the department store to unprecedented success at the beginning of the 20th century. The Selfridges ...

    Tags: Systems Thinking, systems view of the world, Theory of Constraints, change, digital, digitalization, innovation, retail, Thinking Process Tools

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  • Will a job in management make you happy?

    Job satisfaction is so important when it comes to happiness at work. Some people, such as myself, are happiest in a worker bee position – happy to be part of the team and to do their part. Others, however, want a little bit more and this often means that they want to move up the […] ...

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  • empathy challenge: seeing things from a different perspective

    I learned that “agile” was a thing around 2007. Before that, in the early 2000’s, the team I was working with was already following the values and principles, more or less, and we were using elements of Scrum and Kanban. We had ‘daily huddles’, we did weekly team mee...


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  • Leadership and the New Science

    Leadership and the New Science: Learning about Organizations from an Orderly Universe by Margaret Wheatley does a good job of exploring how to view organizations as a system. A quote by Meg Wheatley from an interview long after the publication of the book does a good job of capturing the ideas e...

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  • Another Conscious Company: Which Wich

    Describe the Vibe and how it helps the company operate. The Vibe is the positive energy that’s at the heart of our culture and courses through the veins of the Which Wich system. When I founded Which Wich, I really wanted to build a special company where every member of the team would ...

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  • Understanding the challenges for Business Change: Feasibility studies

    Helping people and business change Feasibility studies try to understand the challenges and risks for business change and if it’s worthwhile. These slides provide an introduction to the different types of study and how to approach them. Why use feasibility study Feasibility is the poss...

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