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  • How Six Sigma Yellow Belts Benefit Business Outcomes and Corporate Culture

    Many businesses have learned that to create organization-wide acceptance of Six Sigma methodology, it helps to teach as many employees as possible the fundamentals. That’s where a Yellow Belt in Six Sigma can prove advantageous. Not everyone in an organization will become Six Sigma Green ...

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  • VIDEO: Villanova University Online Releases New Six Sigma Classrooms

    The Six Sigma methodology has remained unchanged since its inception. While Six Sigma concepts remain the same, Villanova University Online (villanovau.com) understands that the delivery of the information should evolve with current technology. Villanova, a recognized leader in Six Si...

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  • Who Makes a Good Black Belt Candidate?

    Six Sigma is concerned with more than fact-based, data-driven statistical analysis. The methodology relies on people for its success just as much as it depends on problem solving tools or quality improvement principles. Six Sigma’s focus on people is exemplified by its belt system. This sy...

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  • Lean Certification: A Fool’s Bargain

    You just became the proud owner of the title “Lean (Six Sigma) Black Belt” (or any other color for that matter)? Congratulations! But what, in fact, does this exactly mean? In any case, it means you invest in yourself or the organization you work for invests in its people. Good for yo...

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  • Michigan Healthcare Company Trains Entire Staff in Six Sigma Yellow Belt

    When Michigan healthcare company McLaren Greater Lansing decided to implement process improvement, they considered adding a few staff members proficient in Six Sigma. Then, they considered a different route: Why not train everyone? They’ve decided to do just that. All employees (nearly 2,...

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  • Interview With a Six Sigma Black Belt

    One of the reasons for the success of Six Sigma is the methodology’s focus on people. All the root cause analysis and quality function deployment in the world make little difference without people on hand who are trained in the particulars of Six Sigma. That’s where the Six Sigma bel...

    Tags: Careers, Certification, Six Sigma, green belt vs. black belt, six sigma black belt, Six Sigma Black Belt Certification, six sigma green belt

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  • Six Sigma Experts Among Highest Paid Quality Professionals, According to 2017 ASQ Survey

    Quality management and process improvement don’t just help organizations achieve better results. They also help those who specialize in those areas achieve more lucrative careers. That’s the finding of the latest American Society for Quality (ASQ) Quality Progress salary survey. For t...

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    I get asked this question a lot when I speak to clients and professionals looking to work with us. Everyone likes to have a certificate or letters after their name to show off their skills but it’s a lot of work. Is it worth it? Here I’ve tried to explain the coaching certification pr...

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  • Looking for a Pay Raise? Consider a Six Sigma Certification

    Certifications have always been an efficient and effective way to advance your career potential. As the workplace becomes more tech- and data-driven, certifications become even more important – especially those related to technology and data management. If you’re thinking about pursu...

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  • Interview with Subject Matter Expert Ed Hayes: Discussing the Value of Lean Six Sigma Certification

    You’ve probably seen advertisements for Lean Six Sigma certification. Maybe you’ve thought about enrolling. You might’ve even clicked on a few ads. But you haven’t moved forward. You haven’t registered for any classes, because really… What is a Lean Six Sigma ...

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