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  • Why and How to Model a Non-profit on the Lean Canvas

    I often get asked if one can or should model a non-profit using a Lean Canvas. The answer is a resounding yes. A nonprofit is essentially a multisided model made up of users (beneficiaries) and customers (donors). The main difference, from a modeling perspective, between a non-profit and a for-pr...

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  • What is the Right Fill Order for a Lean Canvas?

    A question I get a lot is: Why isn’t the Lean Canvas laid out more logically? Anyone that has attempted to fill one can relate. You have to jump around from box to box in a seemingly random order.Lean CanvasThe main reason for this particular layout was legacy. Lean Canvas was derived ...

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  • A Lean Canvas is NOT Enough to Replace a Business Plan

    Let me know if this sounds familiar… Say you have a promising new idea. In order to get the green light to move forward, you are often asked to write an elaborate 30 page business plan, complete with a 5 year financial forecast, and an 18 month product roadmap. I don’t know abo...

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