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  • Business Model Rookie Mistakes

    The NSF iCorps experience is a 7 week program that is designed to help scientists, engineers and health professionals commercialize their ideas, or give them a merciful death, based on evidence garnered during a customer discovery interview process. I recently participated as part of a team ...

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  • How Behavioral Economics is Killing Innovation

    When my daughter Maya was in middle school, she decided to repeat a behavioral economics experiment featured in Dan Ariely’s book Predictably Irrational for her science project. In her experiment, she offered participants from the control group two options. Facebook access, she su...

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  • Testing Your Business Model

    Sometimes we get caught up in the details when we should be working on the foundation. Here’s a rule: If the underlying foundation is not secure, don’t bother working on anything else. If you’re working on a couple new technologies, but the overall business model won’t be ...

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  • The Secret to Unlocking Business Model Innovation (BMI)

    Innovative technologies are sweeping away everything: organizations, work practices, offerings, hierarchies, and even business models.  Those days are long past when business models used to stay static for years to no end.  They are now under threat more so than anything else, since an...

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