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  • From Chaos to Process at Fitness Matters

    From Chaos to Process at Fitness Matters, a Deming Institute podcast (download podcast) with Travis Timmons, owner of Fitness Matters and Kelly Allan, Senior Associate of Kelly Allan Associates and Chair of the Deming Institute Advisory Board. Travis: A few years ago I would ask is there was ...

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  • Export anything to a friendly country except American management

    One of the reasons quotes by W. Edwards Deming are so popular is that he had an incredible understanding of the practice of management. Another reason they are popular is he had a sense of humor that was captured well in several popular quotes. This quote is included on the back of The Deming Ma...

    Tags: Dr. Deming, psychology, business, change, culture, important, management, quotes, transformation

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  • Embracing Lean Six Sigma: Sometimes Easier Said Than Done

      Embracing Lean Six Sigma Embracing Lean Six Sigma methodology is, for some, an impossible task. At first glance, that just doesn’t make sense. There are volumes of case studies that prove the value of the Lean Six Sigma methodologies and implementing them seems to most to be a &lsq...

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  • Lean Six Sigma Tools: What’s in Your Toolkit?

    Using a Wrench to Drive a Nail When you think about all of the Lean Six Sigma tools that are at your disposal, the question comes to mind …what’s in your toolkit? Getting a job done, whether simple or complex requires a certain know how and understanding of the mechanics requir...

    Tags: Lean Manager, Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma Tools, business, lean six sigma, lean six sigma tools, productivity, shmula.com

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  • Lean Leadership: 5 Secrets to Success

    Creating an Environment of Success Lean leadership is a valuable but sometimes elusive quality in managers. Yes, managers and leaders can completely miss having the necessary skills and still maintain their positions. Some develop these skills through experience and education, but still miss tha...

    Tags: Corporate Turnaround, Gemba, Leadership, Lean Manager, Operations Management, building leaders, business, business leadership, leadership development, lean leadership

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  • My First Trip To Japan by Peter Scholtes

    The Philadelphia Area Council for Excellence organized a tour to visit businesses Japan in 1985 and learn from them. 38 people participated in the trip including Peter Scholtes; William Hunter (my father); Brian and Laurel Joiner; Myron Tribus; and David and Carole Schwinn (David and Carole are p...

    Tags: Dr. Deming, management systems, respect for people, business, Japan, management, organization as a system, quality tools

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  • Better Meetings for Your Organization

    Meetings are often frustrating for those spending time sitting through them. The solutions proposed for this issue often seem not very well thought out to me. The various traits (frequency, length, detailed agendas or not etc.) of meetings are useful or harmful depending on the circumstances. Th...

    Tags: management systems, process thinking, psychology, business, culture, management system, managing people, meetings, organization as a system

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  • Developing Software Using Deming’s Ideas

    Deming Institute podcast with TJ Gokcen, CEO of Acquate on “Joy in Software Development” (download the podcast). Describing the importance of creating software using Deming’s ideas as expressed in agile software development, TJ says so it is a set of methods and practices th...

    Tags: podcast, systems thinking, agile software development, business, culture, kanban, long term thinking, organization as a system, software development

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  • Transforming the Management System of an Organization

    In response to our request asking what topics readers would like to see addressed on our blog, Dan Bracewell said: I’d like to see some posts about how to implement change in an organization. How does one get an organization to start looking at itself as a system? How does one get the or...

    Tags: management systems, psychology, systems thinking, business, change, culture, interaction, management system, managing people, organization as a system, transformation

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  • Case Study: Adopting a Deming Management System in a Service Company

    Total Quality Management in Logistics: a case study from the trucking industry by Harry Lehman, Jr. (a thesis at the Naval Postgraduate School). The thesis aims to study the practical aspects of implementing a W. Edwards Deming-based quality program within a particular trucking company, Mason Tr...

    Tags: management systems, business, case study, change, history, management system, organization as a system, service, transformation

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