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  • If you set everything on fire, you won’t have enough firefighters. in the group Lean Leadership

    Firefighters will very seldom have enough people and water to put out a fire immediately. They have to choose (prioritize) where they can effectively douse the flames to first contain the fire - essentially ignoring the rest of the fire - and then work it down until it’s extinguished ...

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  • Stop the insanity and lead your team to embrace change. in the group Lean Leadership

    One of the phrases I get drawn to every time I struggle with accomplishing something is one coined by Albert Einstein:   Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.   It is a rather funny, but true way to quickly shed light on an incorrect m...

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  • Management MUST Manage Suggestion Systems in the group Lean Leadership

    In the world of idea management, innovation, employee suggestions, or if you want to call it Continuous Improvement, management can make or break the success of a program. It is very often that we hear about programs that got started with a BANG and ended with a bust.Any system, program or proces...

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  • Idea Management: How ideas crash [VIDEO]. in the group Lean Leadership

    Sometimes the greatest problem interfering with innovation is the negative mindset of the individuals who are involved in the discussion. This video, which I found on You-Tube, is not only funny, but portrays a sad fact concerning how great ideas can be lost in an organization when the focus is p...

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  • VIDEO: The Origins of Toyota in the group Lean Leadership

    Two part video series showing the origins of Toyota. A must see for Innovation fans and Lean Manufacturing Fans.It contains great anecdotes on automation, Poka Yoke, waste elimination, JIT, value added, Kanban, NUMMI, and the birth of Taiichi Ohno’s “Go to Gemba”.These vide...

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  • Are you able to improve your Business Processes effectively? in the group Lean Leadership

    Organizations are always striving to be better, meet their customer’s ever-rising demands, and remain competitive. There are many methods, practices, and philosophies in which they engage to achieve this (Innovation Management, Continuous Improvement, Lean Manufacturing, 6-sigma etc.), and ...

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  • Definition of an Idea Management System. in the group Lean Leadership

    An idea management system is simply defined as a wholistic methodology for collecting, filtering, and implementing ideas. Traditionally, these systems were paper based and required great manual effort to manage.   In the 1990s organizations began using spreadsheets and databases to help ...

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  • Lean Manufacturing: A TED Talk Exploring the Possibilities

    We want to explore Lean manufacturing with a TED Talk.  This presentation is by Bill Peterson, a Lean best practices teacher and consultant, with over 30 years of hands-on experience using Lean, Six Sigma and other continuous improvement tools. Bill began developing his approach to Lean meth...

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  • Business Innovation Factory: Design Methodology, Next Practices, New Business Models

    A successful business model is like a shark that must keep moving to stay alive. How do you make sure you’re not stuck in a crowded swim lane with declining margins, swimming upstream against disruptive currents, or even worse, find your organization dead in the water?Original: http://innov...

    Tags: innovation, innovation excellence, Business Models, Digital, Disruption, Innovation, R&D, Strategy, best practices, Business Model Innovation, Design Methodology

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  • What Appears to be Strategy Often is Not

    I regularly engage in hansei (reflection) after each of my facilitation engagements. It’s a simple learning mechanism, essentially an after-action process of asking: what I expected to happen (my hypothesis if you will), what actually happened, and what explains the gap, if there ...

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