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  • Jidoka or Autonomation

    What is Jidoka Though jidoka has come to be known as automation with a human-touch, a better way of describing it is people-centred improvements which are more focussed on how human beings and machines interact with the aim of producing quality. The notion that machines can entirely replace hum...

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  • What is Jidoka?

    A commonly-used news story that the media loves to cover is when a famous company gets slapped with a product recall due to defects or malfunctions. If you think about the things you use in your home, products you buy from a retail store, electronics, and appliances that help make your life mor...

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  • Jidoka At GE And Amazon | Marc Onetto | Planet Lean

    “[…]The principle of Jidoka applies everywhere, especially if we come down to its fundamental intent: preventing bad quality from going down the line and impacting the customer, understanding the causes of a problem as it happens, and giving the employee … Continue reading &ra...

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  • Now It’s Humans Assisting Robots | Sheelah Kolhatkar | The New Yorker

    “[…]As a zone leader, Stinson is responsible for about fifteen employees on a section of the production line that makes parts for Steelcase’s Ology series—height-adjustable tables built for the standing-desk craze. Until last year, the plant workers had to consult &hellip...

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  • Future of Lean: is robotic motion/transportation waste? | Christian Hohmann

    “Motion and transportation count among the 7 basic muda or wastes, that should be eliminated or at least reduced to their bare minimum in order to be leaner. Now, with the probable rise of robotics, will robotic motion (and transportation) … Continue reading → Original: http:...

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  • How Industry 4.0 Contributes to Operational Excellence | Lecture notes from Jose Ignacio Erausquin | Madrid, 5/22/2019

    At the invitation of our Spanish partner Asenta, Michel Baudin gave a lecture in Madrid on the ways Industry 4.0 does or can contribute to operational excellence. Industry 4.0 was presented as a stack of technologies — from direct machine control to knowledge management — with each la...

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